#Karachiblackout: K-Electric customers unleash fury on social media amid outages

Karachi residents aren't buying the utility company's latest excuse

Web Desk July 12, 2015
Officials of the ministry of water and power (MoWP) maintained that a technical fault at Tarbela power station led to the blackout. PHOTO: EXPRESS/MOHAMMAD NOMAN

For the second time in a week, faults in the 220 Mega Watt (MW) extra high tension power line from Bin Qasim power station left swathes of Karachi without electricity on Sunday.

The K-Electric supply company said that due to 99 per cent humidity in Pipri, the 220MW Piri-ICI power line was tripping repeatedly, disrupting supply to 10 out of 64 grids.

But residents of Karachi weren't buying it with thousands unleashing their wrath on social media.

Some were simply not buying the latest excuse by K-Electric



Some found a 'dark' sense of humour  



Others just begged for mercy and questioned life altogether 


Let's not forget the conspiracy theorists 



And while K-Electric's team is extremely social media savvy, the utility company had its hands full on Sunday with thousands of Twitter and Facebook users tagging the company's social media accounts. Somehow, we feel this isn't going to be the last time either.


Ali | 8 years ago | Reply This is due to the evil eye laid on the progressive economy Pakistan by the evil eyed barbaric economy India...!! I am not saying this - but by our great finance minister...!!
Ali | 8 years ago | Reply It has to happen with those who favors PPP and PMLN. Don't vote PTI but at least don't get fooled by them again and again.
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