This Pakistani husband's message is sure to leave you in tears

Shared by ‘Humans of Pakistan’ the husband's message has gone viral

Web Desk July 11, 2015

The story of this husband is a potent message for husbands all over Pakistan and will surely leave you in tears.

Shared by ‘Humans of Pakistan’ on their Facebook page, the post has above 20,000 shares and and projects the love of a husband for his late wife.

"I did not realise it while we were together but my whole world fell apart when she passed away," he said, while speaking to Humans of Pakistan.

The picture captures a man sitting on a wooden bench, dressed in a white shalwar kameez and a crochet namaz topi placed neatly on his head. The man whose name has not been disclosed shared his heartfelt story of his wife and his marriage with her.

Overcome by grief, the man said his world fell apart after his wife passed away. "Our marriage lasted for 27 years and 2 months. She was sick. The gynaecologist was trying her best to save her life. But it was her time.”

He added he knows that spouses quarrel and fight very often but he and his wife never did. “ I loved her so much," he exclaimed.

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Speaking about men being the protectors and caretakers of their families, according to the principles of Islam he said, "Neither humanity nor our religion has given man any authority to mistreat women.’

Moreover, he questioned the basis on which some men believe they are superior to women and mistreat them.

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Missing his wife he added that he is alone now but he will join his wife in the afterlife, and advised men to treat their wives in a good manner.

“Make her feel like a queen today, while you can!"

Breaking hearts even further, the man said, "I am alone now but I know that my wife will be with me in the afterlife. I just hope that she is happy with me, wherever she is."

"I tried to treat her the best way I could," he added.

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kaamAdmi | 8 years ago | Reply gynecologist tried to save her hmmm
sumit | 8 years ago | Reply A great massage ......and must be listened by all...irrespective of religion, nation cast, creed or language......a massage of love........ a grand salute to this man from an Indian
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