Writers’ House: Writing is not a luxury, says short story writer

Masood Mufti says it is a way to give reaction to changing circumstances

News Desk July 04, 2015
PHOTO: pal.gov.pk

The links between reporting and short story writing were highlighted by famous novelist and short story writer Masood Mufti at a gathering titled “Meet the Writer” by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Writers’ House at its premises.

Along with a short story my preferred genre in literature has been reportage which is more suitable to give direct expression regarding current political and social issues, said Mufti, adding that the technique of reportage is almost the same as we use in a short story.

He said writing is not a luxury or entertainment for him but a way to express emotions and give a reaction to changing circumstances.

Various prominent writers from the twin cities were present at the occasion, including Kishwar Naheed, Fateh Muhammad Malik, Uxi Mufti, Hameed Shahid, Dr Najeeba Arif, Ahmad Javed, Dr Munazza Yaqoob, Nilofer Iqbal, Zafer Bakhtavari and Qamar Raza Shahzad.

They spoke about Mufti’s personality and work and also put questions to him in a bid to know the writer.

Malik said Masood is fond of Pakistani history and has written a lot about it out of his love for his country.

Masood’s writings are important historical documents for Pakistani people, commented Uxi Mufti.

Naheed said that his specialty is East Pakistan and he himself experienced the debacle of Dhaka.

Mufti said that a writer must reflect his real surroundings in his writings and must not compromise while stating the truth.

PAL Chairman Dr Muhammad Qasim Bughio informed participants
that this is a fortnightly  session initiated by the academy in which senior writers
will be invited in the future to come and talk about their life and work.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 5th, 2015.