UN urges Pakistan, India to take steps to ease tensions

Haq says Pakistan and India should try to resolve bilateral issues peacefully and amicably

Web Desk June 18, 2015
Haq says Pakistan and India should try to resolve bilateral issues peacefully and amicably. PHOTO: AFP

NEW YORK: The United Nations has urged Pakistan and India to take steps to ease the continued tensions between themselves, Radio Pakistan reported on Thursday. 

UN Associate spokesperson Farhan Haq during a briefing in New York stated that it is essential for the neighbouring countries to take steps to ease tensions and try to resolve bilateral issues peacefully and amicably.

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Earlier, the United States, while declining to comment on India’s surgical strikes on militants in Myanmar, asked India and Pakistan to resume dialogue in order to reduce tension in the region.

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Modi, in his recent visit to Bangladesh, not only accused Pakistan of spreading terrorism in India but also admitted that India had played a part in the break-up of Pakistan in 1971.

The expressions of virulence and Modi's remarks against Pakistan elicited a scathing reaction from several political and religious parties, who took took to the streets in protests.


Burki | 6 years ago | Reply @Rex Major: you would ask this question only if you just now crawled out from underneath a rock or you're trying to play naive ... so ... which one is it?
devesh | 6 years ago | Reply @Ibrar: Really you believe what you said? I don't see you mentioning 95k Pakistani soldiers surrendering and India not taking advantage of that except freeing Bangladesh. Now coming to Kargil. I acknowledge that your army caught Indian army by surprise. But indian Army and airforce could kill intruders wiith impunity. Your Army could recognize recently that killed were Pakistani soldiers. What kind of nation that disown its own soldiers at first instance. Now take instance of Bombay. Yes Mumbai police was not upto mark. But what ever Pakistani terrorist did, Pakistan paid very heavy prize even if you don"t realize. I strongly believe that we should be nation loving but rational as well because that what is going to benefit our nation.
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