Arrested Safoora attack mastermind behind Sabeen's murder: Sindh CM

TTP pistols, a Kalashnikov, laptops, explosive material and jihadi literature recovered from their possession

Hafeez Tunio May 20, 2015
Sabeen Mahmud. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Wednesday detailed that the four suspects in the Safoora bus attack, whose arrests he had announced on Tuesday, were also involved in a number of other high profile attacks in Karachi recently, including the murder of The Second Floor café director Sabeen Mahmud.  

“These terrorists namely Saad Aziz, Hafiz Nasir, Mohammad Azhar and Tahir Minhas were arrested from different areas of Karachi, three days after the Safoora incident,” Shah disclosed while addressing a joint press conference at the Chief Minister House on Wednesday.

The chief minister said that Aziz, who had studied in the BBA programme at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi, was the mastermind of Mahmud’s murder, and the main accused in the Safoora incident.  Shah denied that he had said the suspects had any link to the Indian spy agency RAW, clarifying that if there was a link, a joint investigation team will probe it.

“I never said RAW is involved. I said RAW can be involved because of its terrorist activities in Sindh and Balochistan,” he said, adding that a JIT would be formed to investigate and report its finding within a week. “After the JIT report we will be able to determine the affiliation of these terrorists.”

Among those arrested included Tahir Minhas, who had studied till Matriculation. Hafiz Nasir had held a Masters in Islamic Studies from the University of Karachi. Muhammad Azhar Ishrat, an expert was an electronics engineer from Sir Syed University of Engineering and technology (SSUET), and is engaged in terrorism since 2011. He is an expert in making time bombs.

“They were trained in committing terrorist activities, with expertise in bomb-making and disseminating the militant literature,” Shah said, adding that the terrorists also confessed to commit multiple attacks on Bohra community near Aram Bagh, North Nazimabad, Bahadurabad and Hyderabad.

“This group comprising 15 to 20 terrorists is also involved in targeting Rangers, including sector commander Brigadier Basit and police on MA Jinnah Road, North Nazimabad, NIPA and Landhi, etc,” he said.

TTP pistols, a Kalashnikov, laptops, explosive material and jihadi literature were also recovered from their possession, disclosed the CM.

Documents of details disclosed are available with The Express Tribune.



immortal_soloist | 5 years ago | Reply @sarmad: I am sorry to tell you Sarmad but this is very much possible and this is what is disturbing. Are we really educating our youth since they still get brain washed and become terrorists. Do you know there is a group of ultra conservative and extremists in LUMS as well. Unfortunately the cancer of the extremism has spread everywhere,my cousin attended IBA and he himself told me a group of extremists always used to come and try to stop any event or function taking place in IBA. So yea like it or not this cancer is everywhere now.
Hasan Askari | 5 years ago | Reply To Janet Garcia - Texas USA I am from Karachi and my solution is straight forward. 1) 90 percent of the killings are sectarian in nature or against minorities. The people involved are from Lashkars, Jaishe or off shoots. They have networks with Alqeda et al. Government has not started ANY operation against them openly like they did with TTP. The reason is that they have vast support in Punjab where people have been brainwashed over the years. It is a racket funded by middle east. Even army does not take their name openly The reason is when brave Musharraf took them on at Lal Masjid these people created havoc and did bombings after bombings. Later governments and judiciary ended up letting cleric go and such a criminal is now a respected person and we know Musharraf is going through cases So this is the power of these sectarian groups So a serious, open operation against these groups inPunjab should be FIRST STEP. Rest of the places are just their agents doing their activities in other provinces. 2) Continue operation against all other criminals without any mercy and discrimination 3)Provide a system where judges are able to feel secure in awarding punishments 4)Introduce local governments again where people have a stake in their city. Right now the money is stuck at sindh government level and they are not giving it to cities which are suffering. THe corruption mechanism needs to stop To all challenging my sources It is all over the place. The mastermind is from bhawalpur. People were from punjab and khyber. Of course they will have local handlers too and in a city like Karachi we have people from all over the place However be fair and do not hide the issue. We all know Lashkars, Jaish have origins in Punjab and we all know that Sindhis and Urdu Speakers are not involved in suicide bombings etc. There is no issue of shia sunni (at least not leading to killings) among sindhis and urdu speakers. So dont distract people. In the end Punjab is a victim....however you cannot treat it by allowing them to do activities in other cities in return for peace. You need to go after the masterminds and change the mindset in long rrun.
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