Xi to Indian PM: China, India must build mutual trust

Chinese president says we must control our differences and strengthen cooperation

Reuters May 15, 2015
Chinese president says we must control our differences and strengthen cooperation. PHOTO: AFP

BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping told Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the two Asian giants should build mutual trust by "controlling their differences" and strengthening cooperation.

Xi hosted Modi in his ancestral hometown at the start of Modi's three-day visit to China on Thursday, as India and China worked to boost economic ties despite decades of mistrust.

"We must work together to enhance mutual trust, control our differences and problems to avoid them interfering with bilateral relations," Xi was quoted as telling Modi, according to a statement on the website of China's foreign ministry late on Thursday.

The list of problems the world's two largest countries by population face are considerable, ranging from a festering border dispute to China's support for India's arch-rival, Pakistan.

Xi urged Modi to strengthen coordination on global and regional affairs and "work together to promote the international order in a more just and fair direction".

"The two sides should follow the historical trend and realize the strategic needs for our national rejuvenation to build a closer partnership for development," Xi told Modi.

Xi's comments are part of a broad push to invoke nationalistic themes to win public support and legitimacy as he seeks to boost China's role as a bigger player in international politics. They also appear to pander to Modi, who believes in a strong and proud India.

The Global Times, an influential tabloid owned by the ruling Chinese Communist party mouthpiece the People's Daily, took aim at "suspicions from the Western world" about the partnership.

"It is obvious that the Western elite doesn't want to see India and China drawing closer to each other, because it will confront their vision for Asia's future," the newspaper said in an editorial.

Xi urged cooperation in areas including railways, industrial parks, urbanization and training to enhance what he called the "national rejuvenation" of both China and India. He pledged to encourage Chinese companies to invest in India.

He said China was willing to work with India to "promote regional peace, stability and prosperity" in South Asia.

Xi's remarks come as international concern has deepened about China's maritime ambitions in the South China Sea.

“We both face instability in our shared neighbourhood that can threaten our security and slow down our economies,” Modi said.

On Friday, Modi met Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing's Great Hall of the People. He will visit the economic powerhouse of Shanghai after that to meet business leaders.


Muhammad | 6 years ago | Reply @Anon: You may have stopped using this burn cream prematurely. One wonders how small favours can make Indians start flying without wings. We are happy that your crumbling infrastructure is going to be given life again but you have more troubles ahead. The trade deficit will rise further. I have for the first time become aware that this supper power known as Bharat can not repair its ailing railway on their own. Hold on to your remaining stock of the burn cream because the recent Pak-China agreements were only the beginning.
Muhammad | 6 years ago | Reply @Gp65: Brilliant ! But how come you have hundreds of thousands farmers, driven by poverty, continuing to commit suicide...sometimes in full public eye. A rich country as yours, more than 60 years post-independence, can not provide washrooms in schools reflecting a pitiful state and good way of judging your standards. And there is now an emerging phenomena of female babies on sales. You certainly are much bigger economy than we are but you have at least more than 5 times higher number of mouths to feed. You have largest number of people in the world under poverty line. You would be considered average to moderately rich country only if your population was same as ours. Currently you come across more like Bollywood driven and pakora/spices selling nation and still depending on others to resurrect your rusty infrastructure. Despite what you have defined what India is you have not been able to end your rivalry with much less resourced neighbouring countries. Your leader is now running around in panic from country to country begging for investment because the psychedelic smoke screen created before elections could well disappear and reveal how much hype was created....like it happens many times in the past.
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