6 favourite memories of my mother and I

What were my fondest memories with my mother?

Adeela Akmal May 09, 2015

All mothers have the fondest memories of their children growing up and they are talked about a lot. So, I decided let’s talk about a child’s perspective on it. What were my fondest memories with my mother?

Here are 6 of my favourite memories with my mother:

1. Pretend cooking with mother

As a child, my mother would play with me. She would give me a few dry ingredients, then I would cook her meals and she would always say ‘Wow, you make such delicious food!

2. Crazy fun together

At times, we would go crazy together. Whether it was spraying each other with water while watering the plants or throwing soapy water while cleaning.

3. Treats

She would make amazing desserts and sneak a few treats for me even though she said she wouldn’t.

4. My birthday bash

My birthdays were always a huge celebration. My mother would invite all my friends and family and we would have a blast, and she would make sure everything was perfect from the decorations to the food down to my dress.

5. Taking my pictures

She loved taking my pictures. We had a film-roll camera then and mom would always be prepared on all occasions. And when the pictures came after developing she would always say while cooing, ‘Kinna pyara bacha hai mera.’ (My baby is so adorable.

6. Being an awesome mom

She has a 24/7 job and she never complains. My mother is my superhero and she is absolutely amazing.


Rao | 6 years ago | Reply Mother is woman WTHOUT whose love, humanity will perish. So many people - religious ones at that! Talk and give long lectures on equalty, justice for all etc in front of God. But, they deny equal rights to fellow human beings at home! Strange?
Fi | 6 years ago | Reply When I was having my first born, my mother holding my hand and guiding me as she herself was a doctor (not mine at that time).Her usual authoritative attitude gone, replaced by kindness and gentleness. How many do get this luxury? Oh yes, after Allah, I can never thank her enough for choosing a gem of a person for me. I can never thank u enough AMMI.
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