Strange times: A clean barrack, dapper staff at Adiala prison

Model Ayyan’s presence has forced some welcome changes at one corner of an otherwise overcrowded prison .

Fawad Ali April 05, 2015


Since stepping into Adiala Jail model Ayyan Ali has become the centre of attraction for fellow inmates and officials alike. Ali’s presence has changed the environment of the barrack she is housed in and the attitude of the officials.

Presence of a model is a somewhat rare occurrence in the barrack. According to a jail official, requesting anonymity, the staff and police officials now come on duty wearing clean uniforms and seem to take extra care of personal hygiene.

He said that the officials visit the barrack just to get a glimpse of the model, adding “it’s due to her good looks. We just can’t stop ourselves, even if we have no genuine reason [to visit],” the official told The Express Tribune.

Officials just want to get a glimpse of the model. “Many hum to themselves,” the official quipped in a light vein.

Language barrier, however, keeps the parties at a distance. “Sanu Urdu nahi aundi te kurri Angrezi maardi ae” – (We are unable to speak Urdu, while the girl speaks in English), said a jail official.

“It’s a huge problem.”

Jails are full of hardened criminals and rarely someone like the model is found here, he said, adding that she has been the centre of attraction since she stepped in.

Another official sitting next to him was quick to add that how easy life was for people such as Ayyan as she had “hardly faced any difficulties behind bars”, adding that even being jailed had given her fame.

Ayyan has acclimatized to the jail environment and now “enjoying the company of other inmates”, the official said.

She has started offering prayers five times, shopping from the jail store and occasionally mingles with other inmates.

Inmates and female staff of the jail are mostly interested in getting “beauty tips” from the model.

Jail officials said that Ayyan for them was an icon of style and fashion and knew a lot about the subject.

Female officials in particular, seem inspired by the model’s impressive dressing and the makeup she wears.

“We cannot even afford to buy a single suit that she casually wears, even with our annual savings,” said an official, who requested not to be named.

Besides, everyone is impressed with her physical fitness and her habit of exercising regularly.

“On a positive note, people are seen vowing to become as smart as her,” said officials.

Adiala jail houses around 4,546 prisoners more than twice its capacity in an unhygienic environment. Being accustomed to hygienic environment and food, Ayyan lectures fellow inmates on cleanliness and hygiene.

The sanitation staff of the jail now also cleans the barrack twice a day.

The model, who is accustomed to the glitz and glam of show business, plays it low-key by donning a hijab when she visits the court.

Despite hijab, cameras come into action at every court hearing.

The court staff, lawyers, reporters and litigants too can be seen eager to get a glimpse of the model at every court hearing.

The custom court, which can hardly accommodate 25 people, turns into a fighting arena on Ayyan’s hearing as dozens of reporters and officials throng the premises.

“Never a suspect is admired this much,” said a court staffer, adding that everyone seems to be on their toes during her appearance before the court.

Female staff of the jail are mostly interested in getting “beauty tips” from the model.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 6th, 2015. 


smalee | 6 years ago | Reply AoA, I have read the above comments, some are optimistic while some are pessimistic. I want to highlight any direction of story. We have division of rich and poor in every aspect of society. Isn’t it strange that we have classes for criminal even in the prisons. Just image about common man instead of her, what will be the jail administration treatment? Common man has the same right, even the basic right to be in clean place and remain hygienic. We are liking and parsing everything just because she is rich popular and have solid backing. Just remove this and imagine. n man.
Mohammad Zeeshan | 6 years ago | Reply Hah! Reminds me of Chicago - the musical
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