Four death row prisoners sent to the gallows

Prisoners executed in Mianwali, Attock, Adiala and Sargodha jails

Web Desk March 31, 2015
Death row prisoners executed in prisons located in Mianwali, Attock, Adiala and Sargodha. PHOTO: ONLINE

MIANWALI/ ATTOCK/ SARGODHA/ ADIALA: Four death row prisoners were hanged on Tuesday in jails across Pakistan, Express News reported.

Habdaar Hussain Shah was sent to the gallows in Mianwali jail for murdering two brothers in the city, while Akraamul Haq was hanged in Attock jail for killing a three-year-old girl.

Further, Muhammad Amin was executed in Adiala jail and Riaz was hanged in Sargodha jail for being involved in different crimes.

Over 50 criminals have been hanged since the government lifted moratorium on death penalty in 2014 in the aftermath of the deadly Peshawar attack.

On March 30, the Home and Tribal Affairs Department of Balochistan had also issued black warrants for five condemned prisoners who are expected to be executed within a week in the central prison of Mach.

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“They will be executed within a week and the date will be fixed by the superintendent of Mach jail,” he added.


Nasir | 8 years ago | Reply @ amir - the civilian court is full of Devils - the black coats spend their time showering terrorists with rose petals or defending them or telling people not to drink shezan juice. They are the laughing stock of the civilised world
Amir | 8 years ago | Reply Though the military courts have hanged terrorists, the civilians are only hanging criminals/murderers. When will they start on the terrorists...or they have made a deal with the devil?
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