Tabish Oza: No longer a rookie on the ramp

Published: March 8, 2015
The 25-year-old model made his debut by winning Bridal Couture Week’s model hunt in 2011. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

The 25-year-old model made his debut by winning Bridal Couture Week’s model hunt in 2011. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY


One rarely happens to come across a man that sweeps you off your feet not because of his good looks but because of the attitude that defines the drive for this profession. Modelling the runways is not just a women’s deal and Tabish Oza, a 25-year-old model, proves that by gracing the ramp with his confident walk. This clean cut, chiselled charmer has become one of the promising names of the talent who recently joined Pakistan’s fashion industry.

Speaking to The Express Tribune about the outset of his modelling career, Oza said, “I entered the field of fashion during the end of 2011 by winning the Bridal Couture Week’s model hunt among 300 guys. It was a dream start for me because that didn’t only give me a chance to go for Bridal Couture Week Lahore but also showered tons of shoots.”

This helped the model prove his mettle in front of the fashionistas and for a rookie to be a part of a field where each and every inch of your movement is up for criticism, this proved to be the ideal beginning. “I was just a 22-year-old boy fresh out of college back then and I am glad that I didn’t give them a chance to criticise my work.”

Being used to the female dominance on the ramp and their excelled art of ‘catwalk’ one is inquisitive about the male’s ideology of the runway perfection. Sharing his belief on this matter, Oza credited his perfection to confidence. “Nothing is difficult when you’re passionate, especially when you’re doing something which you’re really good at. Walking on the ramp is highly dependent on your level of confidence; the more confident you are the more you’ll enjoy it. As long as you’re enjoying your work you’ll end up giving your 100 per cent.”

Oza believes that, at times, the first step on the ramp is shaky but as soon as you keep going and people start praising you, your confidence gets boosted. The charisma of photographers, spectators looking at you and praising you is something which cannot be expressed in words.

“It’s always difficult to enter into a new industry and entering into fashion industry as a male model  is even more difficult because of the tough competition, as every second or third guy wants to be a model these days,” shared Oza. He was never reluctant to experiment with his looks, wardrobe and make up and  all the photographers, stylists and makeup artists have been really good to him. “It is probably because I came through a proper channel by winning a model hunt.”

The rising model believes, there is no comparison between the models hailing from Karachi and Lahore. “It’s always fun working with everyone as long as you’re keen to learn new things from them. Both Karachi- and Lahore-based models have been really helpful throughout my successful journey,” he said.

He also spoke about his uncertain priorities in the field of modelling, “I enjoy doing both fashion shows and TV commercials, the former for myself and the latter for brands.”

“The energy for fashion shows is very important throughout the year but commercials are always something that pay the bills,” he added.

Published in The Express Tribune, March  9th,  2015.

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