CID fights back with 4 TTP militants’ arrest

CID officials recovered suicide vests, arms and ammunition, alleged target killer of over 11 men also arrested.

Salman Siddiqui December 01, 2010

KARACHI: The Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Sindh Police has declared the arrest of four alleged militants of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) along with suicide vests, arms and ammunition.

SSP anti extremism cell Umar Shahid and SSP counter-terrorism unit Chaudhry Aslam held a news conference on Tuesday to make the announcement.

Given the deadly attack on the CID building on November 11, the meeting was held amid tight security at the CID office in Garden. The front gate, which previously led to the department, had been sealed by a brick wall and the only entrance was through a maze from the back gate.

Shahid explained that since the attack on their department, his unit has been on the hunt for perpetrators belonging to the TTP, who had claimed responsibility for the bombing. The morale of the unit was high and they were working round the clock to nab these highly dangerous militants, he said.

The four men arrested included Muhammad Umer alias Sohrab, Barkatullah alias Zanjeer, Amanuddin alias Munno and Ahsanullah alias Taxiwala. They were allegedly caught from the Sohrab Goth area along with three suicide vests packed with explosives, two Kalashnikovs, a semi-automatic rifle and a TT pistol.

Aslam said that even though the four suspects were not directly involved in the November 11 attack, their interrogation has provided vital clues. The police were chasing the masterminds, he added.

Shahid informed the media that one of the suspects, Amanuddin, was the commander of the Sohrab Goth area but he refused to give the name of the Karachi Ameer of the TTP. He explained that his unit was chasing the fugitive and if he divulged any more information at this point, it could harm the investigations.

According to the CID, suspected militants from South Waziristan have arrived in the city just a few days ago and they have allegedly received new responsibilities and targets by the top leadership of TTP, including Hakimullah Mehsud and Mufti Waliur Rehman.

The suspects brought suicide vests and arms from the northern areas in a bus and were planning to carry out attacks at main installations of the police, ‘sensitive’ organisations, shrines and important religious and political party offices, Shahid said.

During Eidul Azha, these suspects had generated around Rs2 million through hides collection from Karachi and sent Rs1.4 million of this sum to militants in the north, he added.

Referring to the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) militants that were apprehended by the unit a day before the November 11 attack, Aslam said that the police are raiding areas in the city to nab their accomplices. “The TTP and LeJ are working side by side. In my opinion, they are one,” he said.

Aslam said that the threat to CID and the possibility of an attack during Muharram is still present but the unit was doing its best to thwart any strike.

Meanwhile, the Capital City Police Office’s Special Investigation Unit has also announced the arrest of a high profile assassin, Yasin, after an encounter in Korangi 100 Quarters. Yasin is believed to be involved in the target killing of at least 11 people, including three Jeay Sindh activists.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 1st, 2010.


Ameer Hamza | 11 years ago | Reply CID bombing has given a new idea to our lame duck SSPs and SPs and other policewallas: That the terrorists are not as naive as thought earlier. They are smart, active and very much dedicated unlike the police wallas, who run for cover once the show begins. The CID bombing proved beyond doubt that our police, much of it imported from various villages of Punjab, is not only useless but quite clearly involved in another kind of terrorism: The terrorizing of common civilian of Karachi. This CID bombing has allowed local police wallas to charge bhata from the population of Karachi on the filmiest of grounds. They now appear everywhere and stop innocent car wallas and scooter wallas and check cars and infuriate us, the local men. These police wallas seldom ever stop people in the big vehicles. And they are thoroughly incapable of holding onto any terrorist.
KNS | 11 years ago | Reply "NO NO there is NO Taliban in Karachi !!!" these were the lines uttered by Rehman Malik & Zulfiqar Mirza every day. Now can any one ask from them that from where these people were nabbed? Zulfiqar Mirza can only roar on Media and give threats to representatives of Karachi but he cant do any thing against these TTP members who are surfacing in Karachi and neither he can do any thing against the protectors of TTP in Karachi!!!
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