Dr Shakil Afridi thrown to the wolves: lawyer

Close aides of Pakistani doctor accused of helping CIA capture Bin Ladin call for immediate evacuation of his family

Web Desk February 01, 2015

Close aides of a Pakistani doctor linked to the CIA have claimed that the United States government has "done nothing" for the incarcerated surgeon, while calling for his family members, who are under threat, to be immediately ‘evacuated’ from Pakistan.

“I am sorry to say that [the] US government is doing nothing for him,” Qamar Nadeem Afridi, the doctor’s lawyer and also a cousin, told FoxNews.com in an exclusive interview.

"He has been left to wolves and terrorists all around him in Peshawar central prison.”

Dr Shakil Afridi, a government surgeon who helped the CIA uncover Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts by running a fake vaccination programme, was convicted of treason by the Federally Administered Tribal Areas tribunal for alleged ties to militants and jailed for 33 years in May 2012.

Shakil, hailed as a hero by US officials, was arrested after US special forces killed bin Laden in May 2011 in Abbottabad.

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Shunning the US State Department’s claims that they continue to “raise this issue at the highest levels” of Pakistan’s leadership, the lawyer said he and Shakil’s brother and friends bear most of the doctor’s legal and other expenses.

“You know, both of them, he and his wife, were [in] very respectable government positions prior to this situation,” said Nadeem. “He was a doctor, head… doctor in the district, while his wife was a principle of [a] government degree college for women.

“But now they are in a very … miserable condition. You can’t even imagine. He is not working; she is in hiding.”

Shakil’s wife remains in hiding with their two sons and a daughter, in fear of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, who have declared to seek revenge for bin Laden’s killing.

Human rights activist Zar Ali Khan Afridi, who has faced death threats for pleading Shakil’s case, urged the family should be evacuated from Pakistan.

“Pakistan is not a country to provide security, and we also do not believe in its system,” Zar Ali said.

“You know that Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer was assassinated by his own police guard [in 2011]. Therefore, demanding security support is not a good thing. [The family’s] presence here in Pakistan is [the] worst [of all situations]. They should be evacuated because things are serious. You know, there are fundamentalists and terrorists all around,” he added.

Shakil is jailed in a prison in Peshawar. His lawyer said only his wife and children are allowed to visit him.

Zar Ali told FoxNews.com that the restrictions on lawyer and family visits were a “serious human rights violation.”


Timorlane | 9 years ago | Reply

Yeah he should have been let to escape like other traitors for example Hussain Haqqani who took oath in the SC that he would return but then never returned from the land of his masters and now getting his articles published in a newspapers that's been known for its hatred and contempt of this country and its common people

AClown | 9 years ago | Reply

@Insaaf: That's what you are proving to be, lol!

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