Ejazul Haq challenges 18th amendment

Express April 22, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Zia (PML-Z) leader Ejazul Haq challenged the 18th amendment in the Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday, Express News reported.

The PML-Z leader explained that the structure of the constitution could only be changed by a constituent assembly.

Ejaz-ul-Haq stressed that by approving the 18th amendment, the government had taken away the independence of the judiciary.

He added that the amendments had allowed a person working against the interest of the country to once again hold a post after a lapse of five years.

He said that the government tried to usurp independence of judiciary through this amendment.


Syed A. Mateen | 13 years ago | Reply Since Ejazul Haq is the son of a former President who name has been deleted from the political history of Pakistan, he is still trying to defend the actions of his late father. Mr. Ejazul Haq political party is only a one man political party. There are few more political parties in the country like PML-Z. Judiciary better knows than Mr. Eazul Haq how to protect its interest.
Fayyaz Alam | 13 years ago | Reply Mr Ejazul Haq should read the writing on the wall. When water passes through the bridges, it doesn't turn back. Even General Ziaul Haq's followers are embarrassed to associate themselves with him. Mr Ejazul Haq and his father have become irrelevant. It would feel nice if everyone starts respecting a sovereign paliament and an independent judiciary. Better late than never!
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