Refusal to lock lips: YouTube sensation Zaid Ali T turns down Hollywood

Being true to yourself and your morals is one of the best feelings, says Zaid

Web Desk January 08, 2015
Being true to yourself and your morals is one of the best feelings, says Zaid. PHOTO: Zaid Ali T facebook page

KARACHI: Canadian Youtube sensation Zaid Ali T on Wednesday announced that he turned down a role offered to him in a Hollywood movie. 

With over 147,000 Twitter followers, the young star quickly became a household name for desis all over the globe by uploading videos which comically pointed out differences between 'desi' and 'white' people.

Almost four years on, the Canadian born Pakistani star has over two million likes on his Facebook page and over one hundred videos on his Youtube channel.

It seems even Hollywood wanted a piece of the funnyman who took to his Facebook page Wednesday evening to announce that he had received an offer from Hollywood but turned it down due to a kissing scene in the movie.

He said that he could never imagine doing something of the sort and that he had always told himself that he would never "sell himself out" regardless of how much money and fame it would bring him.

"Being true to yourself and your morals is one of the best feelings and it shows that you have achieved something in your life.  Insh'Allah there's something better written for me, maybe not. But I am very happy with my decision," he said.

Be that as it may, Zaid's video's continue to go viral on various social media platforms and we hope the talented star continues to make us laugh with his witty videos.


Caveman | 6 years ago | Reply Everyone have something to say about someone! But lets face the facts! This man steps back from a Hollywood movie because of what he believe is right... Good for him! I watched many films and the Actresses looks like angels but once you google their name, then you find porn style photos of them??? Lets call a spade a spade... Thats not the type of rolemodels I want for my children. Hollywood is plastic an fake. A person who give up his/her moral values for fame and money lost everything, even his/her name. Now thats America for you...
Hamza Khan | 6 years ago | Reply

yes bilal well said i don't know people jealous if someone doing a better work for humanity. some people have negative mindset and they have post a bad review.

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