Child murders

No matter climate of disclosure, it does nothing to help this child who died alone apart from his murderers

Editorial January 03, 2015
Inadequate reporting and failure to register cases with the police means that some child murders never get investigated. STOCK IMAGE

There is no nation where the murder of children is completely absent; children are killed — and raped — everywhere in the world. But there are marked differences in the incidence of child rape and murder. In the countries of the subcontinent, the numbers are difficult to pin down definitively but the numbers of children killed and often at the same time sexually assaulted may be in the hundreds per country every year. Inadequate reporting and failure to register cases with the police means that some child murders never get investigated. However, there is a developing ‘climate of disclosure’ as it is termed by childcare professionals, wherein people are more inclined to tell responsible agencies what it is that they know, and ensure follow-up on their report.

Now, another child has been abducted, sexually assaulted and then murdered in Lahore. The five-year-old had been missing since the evening of January 1 and was reported as missing to the police a day later, his body being found on the roof of a local mosque soon thereafter. According to the police, there was evidence on the body of both torture and sexual assault. The police are holding two men for interrogation, and seem confident that there will be a successful prosecution.

It is impossible to imagine the terror of that child’s last minutes on earth. He was snatched from the street in the dark, brutalised and then strangled with a rope. His final experiences would have been of horror and overwhelming fear. The police have hinted that a member of the administration at the mosque where the body was found may be responsible. No matter a climate of disclosure, it does nothing to help this poor child who died alone apart from his murderers, and in terror. There does not appear to be a nationally aggregated figure for the numbers of children who are murdered and sexually assaulted, which in itself is a national disgrace. This child will be quickly forgotten, and this in a culture that supposedly values its children.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 4th, 2015.

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ZEIST | 6 years ago | Reply

these extremely inhuman humans need to be punished and punished PUBLICLY not behind closed doors .,. this may not deter other sickos who have similar train of thought and action but at least some deterent will have been implemented and maybe maybe some will be prevented from carrying out this heinous dastardly act on small innocents.. cant begin to imagine what terror the child must have felt,.. may allah give super punishment to those men if most probably our courts cant or wont.. shame on them

Talha Elahi | 6 years ago | Reply

This is absolutely pathetic! This entire system of Pakistan must be reviewed to ensure at least adequate protection of the youth of our country. The police must be properly trained and equipped to detect such crimes early or during the occurrences.

Hasn't our government failed enormously if they can't even prevent or properly bring to justice the individual behind such inhuman acts.

Bring down this government. Bring in Imran Khan. We need someone to resolve such severe discrepancies in our policing units.

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