US adds Islamic charity organisation to terror list

Published: November 24, 2010
Volunteers of the Falah-e-Insaniyat foundation run a relief camp for flood-affected people.

Volunteers of the Falah-e-Insaniyat foundation run a relief camp for flood-affected people.

WASHINGTON: The United States on Wednesday added  Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation, a charity associated with a banned group, to its official list of blacklisted terror organizations.

The US State Department said Falah-e-Insaniyat (FeF) had been dubbed an ‘alias’ of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which is already on the State Department’s list of ‘designated foreign terrorist organizations’.

Daniel Benjamin, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism, said the move ‘shows that the United States will not tolerate any support to this organization.

‘LeT has attempted to use FeF as a way to evade scrutiny. This designation will help put to an end to that attempted evasion,’ Benjamin said in a statement announcing the move.

The official order also named FeF leader Hafiz Abdur Rauf and two other men associated with LeT, Mian Abdullah and Mohammad Naushad Alam Khan, to its list of ‘specially designated global terrorists.’

Falah-e-Insaniyat is a name used in public by the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), initially set up as the humanitarian wing of the LeT, which has been active in relief efforts for those hit by Pakistan’s floods.

JuD was blacklisted by the United Nations following the November 2008 attack on Mumbai, blamed on the LeT. The group, which is also banned in Pakistan, denies it still has links to LeT.

Falah-e-Insaniyat provides education, healthcare and disaster relief and first appeared last year to help people displaced by military operations in Swat, in the northwest.

It has support and funding in the Pakistani diaspora, often in the form of donations for its charitable work. Analysts say it could exploit this network for attacks on the West.

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Reader Comments (12)

  • Anoop
    Nov 24, 2010 - 11:42PM

    So what? They will rename the organization and Pakistani government will ignore it saying this organization is not banned and we dont have to take action.

    History will repeat itself.Recommend

  • Ronit
    Nov 25, 2010 - 12:13AM

    Good job America!!Recommend

  • G.Khan
    Nov 25, 2010 - 5:12AM

    Anoop, You are a smart man. You are absolutely right . That’s exactly what will happen: everything with a new name. You got this right this time.

    Question is why all of this is being done in the first place in the USA when they know what is going to happen next? They are not stupid after all? Are they? Yet, they will do it knowing the reaction. It will be interesting to find out “WHY” all this drama? Will be interesting to listen to your reasoning. :) Go ahead, take a shot!!!Recommend

  • Mehr
    Nov 25, 2010 - 10:27AM

    Check out the accompanying photo. I feel like I’m reading an American newspaper for its depiction/creation of stereotypes.Recommend

  • Anoop
    Nov 25, 2010 - 12:06PM


    According to your theroy a Serial Killer should not be hunted because he might change his appearance, his name,etc. Why hunt for him?

    Same goes with TTP. Why should TTP be banned in Pakistan. Their supporters will launch another group with a different name or better go join a group which is NOT banned in Pakistan.

    My comment means that Pakistani government willingly ignores this group. When a resolution was put forward by the UN Security Council to ban JuD Pakistani governement got China to veto that resolution. Why did have to invoke the Veto power of the Chinese to protect a “insignificant group” like JuD?

    Pakistani establishment is supporting, sheltering and training Terrorists. As simple as that.Recommend

  • Niaz
    Nov 25, 2010 - 3:09PM

    After killing millions of children, women and men in Iraq, Afghanistan, vietnam US talk about terrorists.

    If someone should be banned anywhere in the world it should be US, India, Israel, Russia and their allies for killing millions of people on record in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Chechyna.

    Our hypocrisy and evil stop us from admitting these facts and we believe and support what is being spoon fed to us from news reports. Its high time we should start using our sleepy senses and analyse the facts.Recommend

  • Ronit
    Nov 25, 2010 - 10:27PM


    wow!! when the same US and Israel were helping u in Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan in 80’s and 90’s they were demi gods for u and when China today is killing muslims in Xinjiang it is still a hero for u….why??….never heard u ppl talking about treatment of Christian and Animist South Sudanese by Arab Muslim North Sudanese, who are supported by ur fav, uncle China…..double standards, isn’t it??Recommend

  • Niaz
    Nov 26, 2010 - 12:03AM


    dear you are reading only biased reports. US went into Bosnia to save the christian serbs when the mujahideen were getting an upper hand in the war. Even in 1st afghan war, US only got involved when it was convinced that the Mujahideen could be an opposition to super power USSR. Who told you china is a hero for us, don’t make assumptions.

    Regarding Sudan it is a plan of the loosing crusaders to divide the largest Muslim country (area wise). But inshallah they will never win. You must be knowing very well who is providing the hi tech weapons to the south sudanese criminals and terrorists to make a separate country in that oil rich land. Similar to what they did in Indonesia by creating a new country for the christians in east timor but these world powers can’t make a country for the Palestinians.

    Double standards, you are damn right.Recommend

  • G. Din
    Nov 27, 2010 - 3:07AM

    “…If someone should be banned anywhere in the world it should be US, India, Israel, Russia and their allies for killing millions of people on record in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Chechyna.”
    In the 10-year Iran-Iraq war, nearly 10 million people were killed and the war ended only because of exhaustion. Perhaps that does not count because Muslims killed brother Muslims. It is only when all those non-Muslim countries mentioned retaliated to challenges to their sovereignty and in that process a million or so, collectively, were killed that it becomes a crime.
    In the old days of spring-wound toys, you wound the spring of a truck, say, and let go. The truck would zoom forward and inevitably meet a brick wall. If it ended up the right side up, it would zoom forward again and crash against the same brick wall repeatedly until all its fervour exhausted. A jehadi is like that spring wound toy. Maulvi winds the spring and there goes the jehadi throwing itself against a speeding locomotive ending up as a statistic.Recommend

  • Nov 27, 2010 - 9:37AM

    I support banning of all organizations which have any links with Wahabi-based LeT or Sipah-e-Sahaba. Commendable job, USA.Recommend

  • Anonymous
    Nov 28, 2010 - 12:10AM

    @ Anoop. ” According to your theroy a Serial Killer should not be hunted because he might change his appearance, his name,etc. Why hunt for him?”.

    Thats not my theory . Where did you heard saying me that? My question is to question the fundamental assumptions of an action not its affects. What is the fundamental assumption of banning any organization? WHO has to define who is what? Is there a consensus on that? And if yes, What is that concensus? who are the participant?

    Tell me why US banned that charity ? What would have been their basic assumptions? Knowing that by banning it under certain name will never be enough because they can emerge with some other name with in no time, yet they banned them. Was the objective to sop funding? OR to Play for Political Audience in general and Public opinion in particular? Whereas actual banning was not important at all. ?

    You are absolutely right, They would do business with some other name but Did US not know it? They certainly do know that and yet…???
    So, perhaps objectives and goals are not what they look? or let’s put it this way “Declared policy has nothing to do with real objectives“? What do you say?

    We will come on China’s veto of JUD and role of JUD later when you give your opinion these questions.Recommend

  • Anoop
    Nov 28, 2010 - 6:01PM


    You ban an organization because you want to plug loopholes in the justice system. If Pakistan refuses to go after people whose existence is known to everyone then they will come up under new names.

    Its just not about the US here. UNSC has put many terrorists as residing in Pakistan. For example, Dawood Ibrahim is designated a Global Terrorist and even his residence is given and even the place where his Pakistani passport was issued(Rawalpindi).

    Here, is the official version of the information.

    You may look upon the US as the great Satan but it is only as dangerous as you let it be. Pakistan played footsie with a much bigger, stronger country not realizing it was becoming its stooge rather a partner. I am not here to defend US actions and interests.Recommend

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