Pakistan 8th most dangerous country over past month: Report

Iraq tops list; Pakistan fares better than Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya

December 10, 2014

KARACHI: Pakistan was ranked eighth most dangerous country in the world by the Country Threat Index (CTI) - ranking compiled by a private counter-terrorism intelligence contractor based near Washington, DC.

The IntelCenter index examines the volume of terrorist and rebel alerts, messaging traffic, videos, photos, incidents, and the number of individuals killed and injured over the past 30 days and runs it through an algorithm.

Iraq topped the list with a CTI score of 576 followed by Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya. Pakistan fared better than all of these countries scoring 162 on the CTI.

According to the index, terrorism poses a greater risk to Pakistan than it does to Egypt and Kenya, countries that scored 95 and 86 in the index respectively.

There are a total of 45 countries with a score greater than zero, while the average score is 74.

The company does not track political groups, criminal organisations or military forces, and only focuses on terrorist and rebel groups.


Zain | 6 years ago | Reply

Again, almost all the indian are posting negative comments, as if, they have nothing else going on in their own miserable lives. If they were happy in India and busy and satisfied with their own lives, they would not even care or have time to come regularly on Pakistani website to post their negative remarks. This only proves one thing, that indians are living more miserable lives then Pakistanis and feel joy in finding faults in their neighbor and celebrating like there is nothing better.

Alfa Romeo | 6 years ago | Reply

Pakistan Khappay! Wait for IK. He'll bring Pakistan to number 1.

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