Policeman uses axe to kill blasphemy accused: officials

Tufail Haider was arrested for allegedly making derogatory remarks toward companions of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Afp November 06, 2014

LAHORE: A policeman used an axe to kill a man arrested for allegedly committing blasphemy, officials said Thursday, days after an enraged mob murdered a Christian couple accused of the same crime.

Tufail Haider, a 50-year-old member of the Shia sect, was arrested for allegedly making derogatory remarks toward the companions of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and brought to the Civil Lines police station in the eastern city of Gujrat on Wednesday.

"Tufail was kept in the lock-up but he continued uttering derogatory remarks and hurled abuse at policemen. He looked like a malang (wandering preacher) and seemed mentally imbalanced," duty officer Ali Raza told AFP.

"Assistant Sub-Inspector Faraz Naveed, 36, became very angry on hearing the derogatory remarks against the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and he killed the detainee with an axe in the lock up," he added.

Naveed has been arrested and legal proceedings have been started against him, he added.

Around 1,000 Shias have been killed in the past two years in Pakistan, a heavy toll on the community that makes up roughly 20 per cent of the country's 180 million-strong population, most of whom are Muslim.

There has been a recent surge in extra-judicial killings linked to Pakistan's blasphemy laws.

A Christian bonded labourer and his pregnant wife were killed Tuesday for alleged desecrating pages of the Holy Quran in the eastern village of Chak 59, sparking condemnation from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

A Christian woman, Aasia Bibi, who has been on death row since November 2010 after she was found guilty of making derogatory remarks about Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) during an argument with a Muslim woman lost an appeal last month.

The latest incident also has shades of the shooting in September of an elderly British man with severe mental illness, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy in January.

An internal investigation has found that the guard had been radicalised and goaded into the shooting by Mumtaz Qadri, a police bodyguard who murdered the Punjab governor in 2011 for suggesting reform of the blasphemy laws.

In Gujrat alone, three persons have been killed on the account of police torture.

Just last month, an individual on a Rawalpindi-bound train was beaten to death by police after a fight broke out between him and another passenger.

While on October 4, police allegedly tortured a woman to death during a raid in Sargodha.


sab | 8 years ago | Reply

The reason is clear, ask what you don't know. But make sure the person you are asking from is related to that belief/subject. I am from the sect of Deoband/ASWJ, and my belief is as of the others from our sect. Be sure we only talk on the basic Islam, not on the sensitive most topics as we want everyone to be united, not divided. we stop others from doing what is forbidden and tell others to do what is obligatory. That's it.

Someone | 8 years ago | Reply

@Heapologia: No offense, first of all you need to learn to respect other religions and beliefs of other people if you want your religion and beliefs to be respected. I agree with you that these blasphemy laws either should not be implemented or if implemented then should be carried out with complete justice and honesty. I condemn this christian couple being killed by an angry mob and this person being killed by a police officer. Because such cases are to be handled by the courts and police. Which sadly in our country are not capable to handle such cases. On the other hand no one has the right to say bad things about ones beliefs and religion. If the christian couple actually did something then the investigation should have been done by the police force. No one has the right to insult others beliefs and similarly no one has the right to punish others for their actions except the law enforcing agencies.I respect other religions and their beliefs like Christianity and Hinduism etc. likes wise i want others to respect my religion too. Islam tells its followers to be tolerant towards other religions and Pakistan being an Islamic State has the right to protect the beliefs of its citizens. Actually this kind of freedom of speech makes a society unfit to live in. When anyone can criticize and say anything about a religion that is the point when people have no fear and start criticizing others, actually start insulting others on the bases of religion. From this rivalries occur. I agree that Non Muslims can ask questions and question any Islamic belief to know the logical reasoning behind it, not that they start uttering fouls words about Islam. I, being a muslim, question my parents and teachers about My Religion because i want to gain the logical reasoning that is behind that act. This is how you gain knowledge and this is absolutely acceptable. Similarly i issued a book about all the hundreds of gods and goddesses Hindus have, to gain knowledge and information about their religion. Living in an Islamic State you cannot utter foul words about Islam. And if any does utter foul words for Islam then the punishment is to be given by the police not by an angry mob or a mullah. I don't want you to take any point mentioned by me personally or as offensive. Sorry if this comment offends you although it is just to clear my view towards your comment that actually offended me.

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