Wrath of the insects: Bees attack funeral,15 hospitalised

Published: October 20, 2014
Villagers in Shahpur had gathered at a graveyard. PHOTO: AFP

Villagers in Shahpur had gathered at a graveyard. PHOTO: AFP

FAISALABAD: Fifteen villagers were hospitalised after being stung by bees during a funeral service in Shahpur village on Sunday.

According to Pir Mehal police, thousands of bees attacked participants of a funeral. “People had brought the body of Mukhtar Ahmad’s wife for the funeral. A swarm of bees from nearby trees attacked them. The people ran off to avoid them. However, the bees chased and stung many of us. Fifteen people had to be hospitalised. Their condition is out of danger,” he said.

Karam Deen, receiving treatment at Shahpur rural health centre, told The Express Tribune that somebody had provoked the bees. “There were a number of berry trees in the graveyard. There were several bee hives there. Some of the people accompanying the funeral tried to warn others about it and said that they should not hold the prayer there.

However, the family of the deceased insisted on going ahead. When we started praying, someone hit a bee that was flying overhead. Soon, there were swarms of them attacking us. We ran, but the bees chased us. Some of the people also fell down on the ground and hurt themselves,” he said.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 20th, 2014.

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