Pakistan refutes Afghan allegations of involvement in terrorist attacks

Foreign Office spokesperson says Afghanistan should hand over TTP elements seeking refuge there

Web Desk September 16, 2014
Pakistan refutes Afghan allegations of involvement in terrorist attacks

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has  firmly rejected Afghan allegations of being involved in terrorist attacks on their soil, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release stated on Tuesday.

Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam, in response to recent statements issued by Afghanistan’s National Security Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, “Repeated attempts by the Afghan side to implicate Pakistan’s intelligence institutions in terrorist activities are both unfounded and counter-productive.”

Aslam spoke of repeated emphasis on Pakistan’s commitment to not allow its territory to be used by any other country.

“We would not allow anyone to breach Pakistan’s laws in this regard or to undermine our goals of fostering friendly and cooperative relations with neighbouring countries,” Aslam said.

The spokesperson added that terrorism is best addressed through mutual cooperation.

She reiterated Pakistan’s continued commitment to fight militants, “Pakistan’s firm resolve to combat this menace, without any distinction or discrimination, is concretely manifested in the ongoing military operation Zarb-e-Azb.”

Further, Aslam stressed it is necessary for Afghan authorities to take similar action against militants on their side of the border.

“Elimination of terrorist sanctuaries and handing over of TTP elements that have taken refuge in Afghanistan are the first important steps in that direction,” the spokesperson asserted.

“We hope that the Afghan side would respond positively by taking the requisite counter-terrorism measures in the long-term interest of friendly, cooperative and good-neighbourly relations with Pakistan.”

Aslam maintained that friendly Pakistan-Afghanistan relations are necessary to ensure peace, stability and prosperity in the region.


goldconsumer | 9 years ago | Reply

@Bakhtiyar Ghazi Khan: Its ironic that when attacks take place inside Afghaistan for whatever reason, Pakistan is blamed. But when we talk of securing the border, there is always the "Pashtun card". If Afgan PAkistan border is a dispute, go get an approval from UN. We would call the border, LoC if it satisfies the pro Indian Afghan government for that matter. I think Pakistan have had enough. No need to give a hue and cry to what a Kabul based government thinks. We should forcefully ensure trenches, mines and whatever possible to ensure "Pakistani controlled Pashtun areas" are safe from this evil

Bakhtiyar Ghazi Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

Afghanistan has entered an unholy alliance with US, NATO, India, and Iran. Truly feel sorry for the oppression of Afghan Pashtoons by this illegal government.

@goldconsumer: Afghan government always resists any fencing, blocking, or construction on the border with violence against Pakistanis. India, Afghan intel do not want Pakistan to seal the border.

Afghan puppet army should be careful as Pakistan army is fully capable of defeating it in mere days, even with Indian help. Remarkable restraint shown by Pakistan in the face of open hostility.

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