Govt willing to accept 'overwhelming' demands of protesters: Nisar

Nisar reiterates security threats, says PTI, PAT chiefs will be accountable for any untoward incident.

Irfan Ghauri August 22, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Opting for a carrot and stick policy, the government on Friday expressed its willingness to accept some demands of the protesting parties, but at the same time warned that it will deal strictly with any one who tried to disrupt law and order.

Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan during his press conference on Friday again invited protesting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led by Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)led by Dr Tahirul Qadri for holding meaningful dialogue.

He said that the government was willing to accept all demands which come under its domain provided they were within the constitutional framework. Hinting at a way out, Nisar said that guarantors can be brought in to implement the agreed points if an agreement can be reached.

“Government is ready to accept overwhelming demands. Guarantor can be there. There are other parties here. All the other parties are on one side, they are on the other” Nisar said while speaking at a press conference here Friday.

However, Nisar warned that if any untoward incident took place, the leaders of protesting parties will be held accountable. Additionally, Nisar said he was sending officials of his ministry to get this assurance in writing from the PTI and PAT chiefs.

Referring to the use of magnetic ink during the last general elections, Nisar said the move had failed and that no such ink will be used in the future. He claimed that verification of thumb impressions through magnetic ink was time bound and that this time had expired hinting that that verification of thumb impressions via the magnetic ink was no longer possible.

Nsiar also stressed on the difference between bogus votes and unverified ones since not all unverified votes are bogus.

“This whole idea of using magnetic ink was wrong. It has never been used any where in any country. It was not used in any elections in Pakistan in the past nor ECP will be using it in future.”

Security threats

Quoting intelligence reports from military quarters including the ISI, the minister said that serious security threats to marchers remained. Threats from the two suicide bombers who had entered the twin-cities was still present and there was even the danger of a VB-IED.

The minister though showed some flexibility on the issue of placing containers and blocking off roads. Nisar said that on demand of protesting parties, the government can remove some of the containers but said it would have to enhance security checks at all entry points to the twin cities.

Referring to comments made by the protesting leaders urging supporters to force their way through blockages, Nisar warned that if any one tried to force their way through a check posts or the containers, the security forces will come into action.

He reiterated that no one will be allowed to enter any government buildings around Constitution Avenue.

On the matter of entering the Red Zone, Nisar deplored that the protesting parties had violated their agreement of not entering the sensitive area. The interior minister added that he was not in favour of letting the protesting parties enter Red Zone, but the Prime Minister intervened and the marchers were allowed to march on to Constitution Avenue and stage a sit-in at D-chowk.

The minister denied the reports that IG Islamabad was removed since he declined to obey government orders of stopping protestors from entering the Red Zone. He said the IG had applied for a leave some time ago which had been accepted now.


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