Footwear: Happy sole-searching!

This autumn, step out of your comfort zone by striking the right balance between metallics, nudes & pastels in shoes.

Hassan Naqvi August 11, 2014


Wearing the right pair of shoes can make all the difference. Pakistani shoe designer Samia Shahzada aptly says, “Shoes are of ultimate importance. They make a statement about who you are. If you are wearing a beautiful outfit and wearing the wrong pair of shoes, it will ruin your ensemble.”

But finding dual-purpose footwear, which is both chic and comfortable, is no easy feat. As we bid farewell to summer, fall 2014’s experimental shoe trends come to our rescue. Being harbingers of fashion, we bring to you a list of shoes that will help you when you ‘sole’-search this fall.

This autumn, you will find the market flooded with fabulous flats and unconventional heels, which will elevate both your casual and formal looks. As the wedding season goes into overdrive, the colours of Pakistani culture can be accentuated by pairing eastern outfits with studded sandals or sequined heels.

Different, locally available international brands are vouching for these latest trends through their revamped collections. CEO of shoe brand Insignia, Huzaifa Siddiqui, comments, “Uplifting the look is only possible with the right heels.”

Metallics and diamantes are the right choice for a glamorised look. When picking shoes, strike a balance between metallics such as silver, gold and bronze with nudes and pastels. Suede shoes with ankle straps are all the rage this season and can elevate an understated outfit for a night out. In parts of the country expected to be struck with winter soon, buyers can opt for stiletto boots and booties.

Platform heels, wedges and chunky heels embellished with beads and jewels top our most-recommended buys for the season. Shoes adorned with sparkly, colourful patterns from international designers are a good fit for a modern and fashionable Pakistani woman. Designers such as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Christian Louboutin are stealing the runway with their show stopper glam pieces. Not only do these add value to your eastern look, but also complement fusion wear.

Supermodel and former shoe designer Nadia Hussain feels that shoe trends in Pakistan haven’t changed drastically. “The trend hasn’t changed much. Open sandals with heels are still popular and daimantes are in. People have the option of switching to wedges, but they prefer wearing chappals,” she shares.

Black never goes out of style. Opt for black sheos in different textures or interesting graphic patterns with a hint of geometric and abstract patterns. In the global fashion scene, noteworthy designers such as Valentino and Versace are combining modern art and reptile-skin imitation to produce shoes that are one of a kind.

In terms of local application of global shoe trends, Hussain feels that, “Our trends are very different. We mainly wear shalwar kameez and because of that, international trends can’t be applied here.” Our fashion mavens advise you to purchase a pair of shoes, which allows you to embrace your individuality along with stepping out of your comfort zone.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 12th, 2014.

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