Get bed-dazzled: Your guide for picking the perfect furniture for a new journey ahead

Bedroom furniture shouldn’t be just a prop

Nisma Chauhan August 13, 2014

Stunning bridal dress. Check. An exotic location. Check. A talented photographer. Check. But what about another key element that marks the start of your fairytale married life? Bedroom furniture.

Although it’s easy to get caught up in the search for jewels, a decadent dress and shoes, these are not the only thing s that need to be perfect on your wedding day. The aesthetics of your bedroom furniture are as important. as it is the backdrop for the rest of your life.

Traditionally, the bedroom furniture often falls victim to ‘the more the merrier’ mentality. And the louder the carved floral designs, the more royal they are thought to be. However, according to our designers from the best studios in town it’s time to adopt a newer and better approach when designing your bedroom.


Sabiha Rita Hasan, owner of Design 19 studio, believes that people should stop thinking of furniture as pieces to set the room and realise that the bedroom furniture should be set to reflect the personalities of the couple. “The furniture should add value to the surrounding and bring smiles on faces, reflecting the happiness and joys of their life,” says Hasan.

It doesn’t matter if your pockets can’t afford lavish designer wears; an understanding of creativity and the know-how of current trends can give your room the look you have desired even within a range of a Rs100,000 to Rs300,000. Syed Faraz Ali, the studio head of Design & depth advises availing the internet and thoroughly researching the industry trends before going to pick your furniture. “If the couple or the people deciding the furniture have time, they should also visit the markets nearby. It is important to know what is trending and what has managed to stay in the markets, to be able to get hold of an ideal furniture range,” explains Ali.


Often, people consider appointing an interior designer as an added expense to their budgeted wedding. Ali, who is a newbie in the industry himself, advises couples or parents to look for fresh graduates who have recently started their work. “A fresh mind is usually more diligent and has plenty of creative ideas which would also perfectly match one’s budget,” says Ali. He suggests that if the furniture you have got your eyes on is too expensive to fit the budget, don’t feel shy to go to the local carpenters and get a replica made at half the price. One can also do without the extras like an ottoman (upholstered seat in front of the bed) or a LCD unit that only adds to the cost.


Do’s and Don’ts — don’t fall into the trap of cluttering the space, keep it simple!

Be more imaginative, while avoiding cookie cut designs that completely match each other.

Don’t hesitate to go with simple classy designs as they never go out of fashion and are more adaptable to future makeovers.

Avoid heavy carvings because they collect dust more easily. Choose a monochrome theme keeping in mind the possibility of change in the future.

While deciding upon the furniture, think about the future and whether this set you have picked would be appropriate for the time you have children too.

A good polish on a solid wood adds character; therefore avoid using veneer on furniture.

The climate we live in only calls for natural fibres. Therefore, pure cotton or linen curtains should be chosen and dry-cleaned often as there is excess dust present in the air.

Don’t compromise on the mattress for the bed; go for the quality which is long lasting and durable.

Add life to the walls by giving it a touch of texture or design. Pick colours to reflect your personality. If your room is relatively small, add mirrors or lighting to enhance the look of the room.

A bridal suite may look complete and comfortable with wall-to-wall carpeting, but that tends to collect a lot of dust. Instead use natural fibre area rugs to create cosiness

Most importantly, while choosing the furniture, always pick a set keeping your partner in mind, as he/she will be sharing the space as well.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, August 10th, 2014.


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Thank you for the update.

@ Nisma Chauhan, It's a nice-to-read piece. I would like to read more from you.

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Thank you for such a handy tips. Now in Pakistan there are lots of websites like helping the people to find out furniture showrooms and latest design. Pakistan's IT industry are growing fast and online shopping trends are increasing very fast.

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