Recipe: Malpuras

If you love desi deserts, Malpuras are for you!

Gulnaz Mondegarian July 31, 2014
Recipe: Malpuras

These sweet pancakes are a staple Eid tradition in many parts of India and will leave you and your guests wanting more.



•  Boil the milk with sugar and set it aside to cool.

•  Mix in beaten eggs and rosewater.

•  Slowly, add the flour and roasted semolina to the milk and mix thoroughly, ensuring there are no lumps left. The mixture should be smooth in consistency.

•  Set the mixture aside for about three to four hours.

•  Heat oil in a frying pan and pour 1 tbsp of the mixture in it. Do not let the mixture spread.

•  Fry on both sides.

•  Serve hot or cold. Your Malpuras are now ready!

Gulnaz Mondegarian is an expert in Iranian cuisine who has co-hosted Food Diaries alongside Zarnak Sidhwa to celebrate Community Food Week

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, July 27th, 2014.


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