Pakistan lodges protest with US over NSA spying

Foreign Office spokesperson says such spying is a violation of international law.

Web Desk July 02, 2014

KARACHI: Pakistan has formally lodged a protest with the United States, in light of recent media reports indicating that that it is among the countries subject to surveillance by US government departments.

“The US Embassy in Islamabad was conveyed today that such an action against Pakistani government departments or other organizations, entities and individuals is not in accord with international law and recognised diplomatic conduct, a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.

The ministry further said that it has urged the US to stop such activities in the interest of friendly ties.  “The US side was further conveyed that surveillance was contrary to the spirit of friendly relations between our two countries,” the press release added.

Earlier today, Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said that such spying was a violation of international law.

Earlier in a statement, the PPP also expressed its displeasure over the revelation that the NSA was spying on the political party in 2010 and said that "those who have violated the norms owe an apology".

According to the statement released on Wednesday, the PPP urged the government to raise the issue at the diplomatic level and get assurances from the US that such grave violations of international law are not repeated.

“The revelation of spying on a major political party of Pakistan is a grave, unwarranted and totally unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country and is condemned,” said a PPP spokesperson.

He stated that PPP owes no explanation to a foreign government, and foreign governments and spy agencies do not have the right to spy on it.

“Such insensitive operations and unacceptable interference in the affairs of a political party of a sovereign country will serve no purpose except to increase resentment and distrust,” he added.


Shazia Akram | 7 years ago | Reply

The US is running many covert operations under the cover of NSA, PRISM and Echelon were used to spy on the social activities all around the globe. NSA snooped into all communications, military, economic and political institutions that is a shameless act and violation of international norms and inalienable human rights of liberty. Pakistan need to be strict and sensible while formulating the national security policy to develop a Cyber policy in IT sector that can prevent the classified information from getting into foreign hands. Pakistan should protest against the NSA spying international community to assure the diplomatic ties remain intact.

Rabia | 7 years ago | Reply

This indicates that through outsourcing and contracting, U.S is breaching the fundamental rights of citizens by getting access to their most personal communications. It offers us a rare chance to reexamine the integrity of American politicians and the management of American-dominant Internet companies, and it appears that while many of these individuals verbally attack other nations and people in the name of freedom and democracy. Pakistan needs to demand for a positive answer and record her objection.

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