Double murder treated as ‘honour crime’

Police are treating a premeditated double murder as if the case was an ‘honour killing’ incident.

Shabbir Mir October 29, 2010

GILGIT: Police are treating a premeditated double murder as if the case was an ‘honour killing’ incident.

On Thursday, police said they have started investigating an incident of honour killing which took place on Monday night. A man is said to have confessed killing his wife and her alleged lover in separate localities on Wednesday in a “rage to protect family honour”.

“We have arrested the man and launched an investigation into the matter of honour killing,” a police official told The Express Tribune on Thursday.

The man identified as Sajjad is said to first have killed his wife in the Konodas area on Wednesday evening and then shot dead Safiullah in the Karosht area.

Later, Sajjad surrendered to the police and accused Safiullah of having maintained illicit relations with his wife “for several months”, saying that he had no other option but “to kill them both”.

After enactment of a law disallowing any leniency to people resorting to “honour killings” on December 8, 2004, such criminals are now supposed to be prosecuted as common murderers and treated under common murder laws.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 29th, 2010.


Hina | 11 years ago | Reply this is just so sad! I wonder when such men will learn to act maturely and properly instead of takin matters into their own hands and becoming animals. @ amjad siddiqui: I agree! you took the words right outta my mouth! I blv women are responsible for men's behaviour towards them but still you cant blame a women for gettin murdered... not every women is behind a man's brain or his thinking level...many rather most already come with this pre-assumed idealogy fitted everywhere in our culture tht its a woman's job to sacrifice all she can for a man not vice-versa.i blv men too need to change their thinking in our country...they can be as open-minded as possible about everything else and be as modern as they wish to in every other aspect of life but would neva let their women have/enjoy the equal freedom..or even want a women who fits tht category.such hypocrites!
amjad siddiqui | 11 years ago | Reply the women in our society are responsible for letting men get away with a lot of atrocities in our country,the women don't raise their voices,choosing instead to keep their heads down so the majazi khuda will give them their pocket money for their survival. When the women look for wives for their sons,they want the richest,prettiest,submissive virgin they can find.No strong willed,independent girl will do.what's needed is a servile,submissive,SHARIF LARKI who'll do her inlaws' every bidding becuase that's just what makes a girl sharif,that & ofcourse not talking to any other man in her entire life other than her majazi khuda.
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