Thank you, Game of Thrones

I salute you Tyrion Lannister, thank you for being sarcastic, witty and fun.

Zehra Qureshi April 03, 2014

Just last week I was told to write a little summary on a show that has no equal: Game of Thrones (GoT). In a few words I had to discuss what happened in the show’s last season, what to expect now and where do we go from here. While writing it halfway, I was stumped; it occurred to me that I was a part of something bigger. It wasn’t just the way I watched it, curled up in bed on my laptop and uttering out the spoilers next day but I was a part of a collective which was larger than life and is yet, still being written.

Due to our hectic lives, we forget how much we are dependent on entertainment; it’s just taken for granted that people will join together and produce something legendary. We forget the hard work, the people behind it, days and days of writing and one master storyteller. GoT may just be one show albeit a brilliant one but just one that graces our television screens every week. We, in Pakistan, watch it a day late, but that does not stop us from updating statuses on Facebook or talking about it the next morning with co-workers or even messaging friends while watching it. Be it the red wedding, Arya so close to catching up with the family or Tyrion wearing his big boy pants, we need to talk about it!

It’s not only GoT that has us talking — for each and everyone their high may be different but, in the end, no matter what it is, we all need it! This type of entertainment, which promises us a few hours away from reality, is taken for granted. How many of us would rather switch to a TV show then watch the news in between? As harsh as these numbers may be, it’s true we rather live in the world of complete fantasy then face our real fears even if it’s for a moment or two. The impact these shows have on us is alarming, as I, for one, had the whole office take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of my favourite character. How many of you have done something as bizarre in the name of your television show.  We might have our usual problems but when it comes to our quality hour, we unite as one and are so engrossed in the lives of these characters, that it seems too close to reality.

I salute you Tyrion Lannister, thank you for being sarcastic, witty and fun. Sincerely, well-wisher of the TV fraternity.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 3rd, 2014.


behlol | 7 years ago | Reply

Man we should push our local TV channels to invest in projects such as these right here at home so that we can enjoy a story that is closer to the culture of our country but just as rich in content as Game of Thrones.

Ammar | 7 years ago | Reply

@Naveed Paracha:

'Rome' is good, but not that good :)

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