Hottie of the week: Sami Khan

Published: April 1, 2014

Status: Happily married

Born: Lahore, Pakistan

Birthday: 6th July

Who is he?

Passionate, charismatic and great to look at, Sami Khan is everything a leading actor should be. But unlike most actors, he stumbled upon acting purely by chance. An electronic and communication engineer by profession, Sami was all set to pursue his masters abroad but fate had other plans. He was offered his breakthrough performance in the 2004 hit film Salakhein and the critical acclaim Sami received for his work encouraged him to take up acting fulltime. Ever since then, there has been no looking back. With two other feature films and 31 television serials to his credit, Sami really deserves applause for taking this life-changing decision. He is currently setting our television screens ablaze every Friday night with his passionate portrayal of Buland Bakhtiyar in the Geo TV drama Bashar Momin and we just can’t wait to catch a glimpse of his boy-next-door looks in the next episode.

Why we love him

It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul and Sami is living proof of that. There is something kind and welcoming about his eyes which make one warm up to him instantly and rightfully so. Despite being a media personality, Sami likes to lead a humble life and strives to be the best son, brother and husband he possibly can. His mantra in life is simple: be good to others and good will come to you. Sami is pure of heart and honest to the core. He hates liars and materialistic people. A man of few words, Sami has four close friends whom he hopes to take on an adventure to Vegas or Phuket someday.

A keen observer, Sami loves to study people and draws inspiration from people he meets every day. He admits it makes him deeply happy when he sees youngsters working hard to achieve their dreams or doing something positive to bring about a change for it inspires him to be better himself.

What you didn’t know about him

Sami is absolutely crazy about cricket.

His favourite cuisine is Thai food.

A pure-hearted woman with a love for the sentimental things in life was what Sami was looking. Fortunately, he found and married his sweetheart five years ago. All we can say is that she is one lucky woman!

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, March 30th, 2014.

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