Unmoved Punjab

Published: March 22, 2014
The writer is a lawyer and partner at Ijaz and Ijaz Co 
in Lahore 

The writer is a lawyer and partner at Ijaz and Ijaz Co in Lahore saroop.ijaz@tribune.com.pk

If there is one defining characteristic of us as a people, at least what prime time television would have us believe, it is our “ghairat”, our sense of honour; one may go so far as saying “superiority”. The intended and unintended consequences of this are that we are “outraged” when “sovereignty” is breached, when outsiders offer help and tell us what to do. We hate strings, and it seems that we are not particularly fond of dollars. However, recently we have discovered that our aversion does not extend to all foreign currency, say for example riyals. Finance Minister Mr Ishaq Dar has tried his hand at dark comedy by trying to keep the identity of the mystery donor of $1.5 billion a secret. Well, not for long — it is our Saudi brethren who feel our pain again. Our “ghairat” in international affairs is as myopic as it is in our social domestic affairs. At home, the only time “ghairat” makes an appearance is when it involves the subjugation of women in some manner, and in foreign policy, when it involves, what is vaguely termed the “West”.

Let us jog our memories a bit and recall the Kerry-Lugar aid bill, and the affront that was caused to our national pride. We had questions and wanted answers. The media was on overdrive, the ISPR aghast, the patriots preferred starvation to largesse from the infidels, particularly largesse which had preconditions. That was then. All is quiet along all fronts now. No talk of imperialism, certainly none of being a client-state; what is $1.5 billion between brothers. It is futile to have an equivalence of the two aids. However, there is one governing principle: transparency. Why did our Saudi benefactors decide to open their deep coffers for us? No, the gift and ‘personal’ guarantee explanation is not meant to be taken seriously.

Imperialism is a real question of our times, and so is unconditional obedience to the United States. Yet, we also know the Saudis to ask for services in return for their money. There is a global sectarian conflict going on. More significantly, we have reached the proverbial crossroads for the nth time, and the decision of Pakistan’s soul vis-a-vis the TTP will have to be made sooner rather than later. We have gotten the Imperialism question wrong almost from the beginning, and it went hideously south in 1979 and continued on this trajectory.

Problem: Punjab does not care about any of this. Not the poor people of Punjab, who are on most occasions as powerless in relation to the state as their compatriots from other provinces. It is that the federal government and perhaps the state that have an ethnicity and it is Punjabi (northern and central Punjab). And they just do not care. The argument in Punjab is about metro buses, flyovers, world records of 1,600 people fitting in yellow cabs, etc. The cost of keeping Punjab safe is “negotiation”. The price of the metro bus running is to turn a blind eye when the sectarian outfits have headquarters here, up to the point that they do not act within the territorial limits of the Al-Bunjab. Our “estranged” brothers know this all too well now. Their objectives, ideological and physical, are tolerable as long as they do not cross the lines. And if and when they do, “consensus” might not remain this big a problem. Of course, there are breaches here and there, however, nothing that a slap on the wrist and a word of caution will not solve. As you might have noticed, even tomcats, when they step out of bounds and eat beloved peacocks, are dealt with iron hands: although whereas we might be peacocks, the adversaries are no tomcats. As someone whose primary and proud identity is Punjabi, one is unnerved to see an inordinate number of palm trees and Al-Bakistan license plates in my city, Lahore.

All of this sounds very, very callous and far be it for one to impute a conscious strategy on the part of the federal government in these terms. Yet, the fact remains that Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif now knows that winning Punjab (completely) brings him Pakistan, and more significantly, the Premiership. This is the sort of a thing, which once learnt is extremely hard to unlearn. Punjab has been built up as the representative of the State (goodbye Federation?). Hence, the custodian of the national “ghairat”, unity, patriotism and other fun stuff. So, the Baloch marchers walk alone in Punjab. The missing person protest camps remain deserted. So, the proposal of handing over Fata to the TTP is not really that appalling. Hence, Punjab recently and momentarily discovered that there is abject poverty in Thar: Thar which is in Sindh, a deep, dark feudal serfdom.

Bigger problem: The war will come to Punjab. The flyovers are a two-way street and the day that our angry brethren decide to go rogue, the horror scenario is a thoroughly unprepared Punjab. Not necessarily or only in terms of physical capacity but more importantly, in the war of narrative. Xenophobia has more traction in Punjab since the state roots itself here, and hence, it is the “us” and in the “us versus them” games. The story of the TTP being patriots has currency since distance gives the luxury of contemplation and reaching the conclusion, which are most palatable.

The really disturbing bit is that it is not only the officialdom of Punjab now that laps up the Saudi religious narrative, and the arrogant posturing in relation to the rest of the Federation; it was bound to seep into society. Urban Sindh (basically really Karachi) and Punjab is what the audience for the prime time television is, and the free press has decided to feed selective apologia and xenophobia. The demand will inevitably grow since nothing else is on offer.

To end on a note of caution is this excerpt from Daniel Quinn’s The Story of B:

“If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But if you place it gently in a pot of tepid water and turn the heat on low, it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.”

Published in The Express Tribune, March 23rd, 2014.

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Reader Comments (49)

  • Cheema
    Mar 23, 2014 - 12:06AM

    Rhetoric wise i will give full marks to the article but your article lacks basic argument that how exactly Punjab is unmoved.? Also your writing carry all the hallmarks of another recent article written on another English newspaper on the same topic. !!! If there is some governance problem in Sindh, KPK or in Balochistan then how Punjab is to be blamed?. Also the Chauvinism you mentioned it here has historical rationale as well and migration events must be kept in mind. Pushtoons, Sindhis and Balochis did not suffer like Punjabis have to suffer when Millions left home for Pakistan along with other migrants from UP and Gujarat regions and that explains their Chauvinism on logical grounds. But Your generalizations without having a firm rationale seems to another attempt to attract some generic bashing grounds, but other than that sorry Sir you lost it here.
    Also if the author would have discussed everything in the light of 18th Amendment that makes the provinces more responsible , then it would be more appealing rather than blaming one region as the crux of the problem.Recommend

  • yasir
    Mar 23, 2014 - 12:28AM

    Punjab replies: mehnat kr hasad na kr…


  • Hasan Malik
    Mar 23, 2014 - 12:33AM

    Generalization of everything is bad. Also sometimes i have seen that blaming others for one’s short comings is an easy escape route. It is just like if i would say that in 1947 not a single camp for migrants was established in current Kpk ,Internal Sindh and Balochistan and infact migrants were called wolves by one Pushtoon leader so can i deduce that none of the people of their ethnicity will stand with you in the hour of need and hospitality is a recently developed term for them? All i want to say that we should not generalize at all. The region where Sikhism and Sufism had its roots cannot be called intolerant at all. Also Punjab have religious diversity as well.
    The governance problem of one region could not be blamed on some other region.


  • umar
    Mar 23, 2014 - 12:44AM

    In the short-term the solution lies in the reduction of national assembly seats for Punjab. There should be a 40.0% cap for Punjab seats and more representation should be given to Baluchistan. The formula should be extended to federal cabinet ministers and eventually the army. This will remove the sense of alienation in the smaller provinces by giving them a sense of ownership in major decisions. This will also have a moderate impact on our state ideology and foreign policy by allowing in secular representatives from Sindh and Baluchistan. In the long-run there should be more provinces and a strong local government system.


  • Farooqui
    Mar 23, 2014 - 12:44AM

    Hey Attention everyone. If your article somehow is getting less views then dont worry. Just add Punjab and a pinch of Salt regarding to that ethnicity and Your Twitter and Facebook likes will shot up. Overnight you can get more fame and attention then what you have imagined. Also if you lack any new topics then dont worry at all. Punjab is always there and this topic is always A Hot Sizzle to sell.Recommend

  • sterry
    Mar 23, 2014 - 12:44AM

    You lay the blame on Punjab but you forget that the ruler for the last five years was a native Sindi and the previous 10 year ruler was also from Sind, although of Muhajir origins. Why should anyone begrudge the good work done in Punjab over the last decade by Shahbaz Sharif when the Federal government was openly making things tough for him such as when they would not provide energy. Understand that the people of Punjab want not only their province but all of Pakistan to improve. They are not parochial by any means. Yes they are proactive in wanting to make Punjab better which is why you will see that cities there are safer, more developed and more efficient compared to others in Pakistan. But why blame the Punjab leadership of Shahbaz Sharif for improving his province. You should blame the other provincial leaders for not doing as good a job as Shahbaz Sharif. By improving Punjab, fewer people will turn to violence and despair because they have jobs and a future. Nawaz Sharif is now trying to do the same for the whole country. He is by no means perfect but I think rather than complain, we should all give credit where it is due. Look at the energy projects and motorway for Sind and the expansion plans for Gwader.When I go to Sialkot, my relatives are proud of their city and keep wanting it to get better – why do you blame them for being ambitious and wanting to improve?


  • Parvez
    Mar 23, 2014 - 1:17AM

    The last para summed it up beautifully.


  • Oton
    Mar 23, 2014 - 1:39AM

    So ET you allow Racist Content ??


  • Mar 23, 2014 - 1:52AM

    It is just a matter of time. The fissures are already appearing.
    Starting with the CM Sharif, patrolling the streets looking for
    flames. A flame means someone immolating themselves. As
    ‘justice is for the privilege only’ becomes very clear. The
    construction of the border wall around Punjab, is next, imminent.
    It will be another Guinness record. Like the China Wall. However,
    wall will not keep out the brethren. Since the guards can be bribed,
    just as they were in the old days. And the Barbarians, streamed in.


  • Mar 23, 2014 - 2:20AM

    The author mentioned federation, a few times. What
    Federation is that? With the absence of the State’s writ
    anywhere, does the federation still holds? With most of
    the politicians and high ranking bureaucrats holding dual
    citizenships, and families set to vacate at the blink of an eye,
    what is left is….time. Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad
    Mar 23, 2014 - 2:26AM

    Saudis have always been helpful and generous to Pakistan. They are our best friends and true brothers. Pakistan should also provide them all resources for security and protection of Saudi Arabia. There is nothing wrong and nothing illegal with our mutual relations. Present deal and past deals have never been against any other country. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are not going to attack any other country. These deals are for internal security and improvement of economy.


  • Ahmed
    Mar 23, 2014 - 4:25AM

    Wow, surprise yet another article bashing Punjab, not really

    From 1999-2013 Pakistan was ruled by people not from Punjab (Punjab had then just broken the bone of sectarian outfits which fled to Afghanistan). Taliban and their ideology was allowed the space by rulers not from Punjab.

    Oh yes, it is because thousands of people who were marching with the baloch march stopped at boundary of Punjab, Punjab also won elections in KPK to form a gov which essentially has the same views on talks with Taliban and yes the missing persons camps, somehow the channels in Punjab censor the thousands sitting in such camps in other provinces.

    And the new IT thing Al-Bunjab or whatever variation is most suited, perhaps in another era some people might have dismissed it as nouveau-rich with their gulf riyals and kiffayas but not now, not in this generation when we know what sells most.

    And yes no talk of strings attached to 1.5B, I probably am living on another planet or perhaps another time frame. The only talk in town is about the strings attached to the dollars. Poor bahrain guys had to specifically say in their press conference that although they are a rich country with some money and are visiting a rather poor one after some time (40 years) they are not going to give any help whatsoever (they did talk some rubbish about private companies and trade but don’t be fooled by the charade it is really our Punjabi jawans they are after, not to say that Bahrain has been recruiting army from other countries since the 1970s and pakistanis being numerous and poor make the largest bunch but hey dont get into technicalities, you know what sells right.)Recommend

  • SindhVoice
    Mar 23, 2014 - 5:09AM

    Pakistan was formed on 23rd March Pakistan resolution, a consensus charter which demanded a separate country based on sovereign and autonomous states constituting Muslim Indian states. This resolution is still dream, because centrist forces has hijacked it. We celebrate Pakistan resolution Day but we dont honor to its demand which is to give FULL sovereignty and autonomy to provinces. We should not shy away from the facts that Pakistan is not monolithic nation state, but it is based on mainly four nations,aka a multi-nation state. Centrist forces must be defeated in order to make Pakistan a real federation with autonomous and sovereign states of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, and KPK. Each province will be free to make laws and implement policies as per their own requirements. Army must have equal share of personnel from each province, because a big number of population in Army from particular province will make them tilted to particular ideology and interest group. If Pakistan is to be saved, Plz follow 23rd March 1940 Resolution.


  • SindhVoice
    Mar 23, 2014 - 5:19AM

    Albakistan means Albunjab and rest are their subjects in this land of pure.


  • Dravidian
    Mar 23, 2014 - 7:15AM

    A respect worthy article I should say.Just truth.


  • Kashif Naqvi
    Mar 23, 2014 - 7:57AM

    Instead of blaming Punjab, the other provinces should get their act together viz a viz good governance. No one is stopping Sindh or any other province for attracting investments


  • Pmahmud
    Mar 23, 2014 - 8:43AM

    Media says that 70% of Pakistan’s national income is generated and controlled in city of Karachi. Should not the blame of under-development squarely placed on those people? There is limit to political slogans of all such people.


  • Ali
    Mar 23, 2014 - 9:10AM

    So true. Beautifully written piece. Recommend

  • Humza
    Mar 23, 2014 - 9:31AM

    @Kalash wala.: I think that the author’s point is that the state’s writ only works in Punjab and urban cities and somehow Punjab is responsible because of the law and order problems in other parts of the country. How this is the case doesn’t make any sense to me. People just need to follow the example of Punjab and work hard, Mehnat karo, hasad na karo!”


  • Rasheeda
    Mar 23, 2014 - 10:24AM

    Good job Mr. Author. It is high time that more people like you should speak the truth. If Punjab wants more share of revenue and parliament seats on the basis of population then it will have to shoulder more share of responsibility as well. Recommend

  • Always Learning
    Mar 23, 2014 - 10:57AM

    Saroop Sahib, please read some of the comments above and you know why no one is listening. Folks, he is not bashing the people of a province, but a mind set where rulers do not care for common people but guard their apparent interests.


  • Mar 23, 2014 - 11:56AM

    very nice article. Pakistan is not Just north Punjab or Punjab. or Karachi, Pakistan is bigger then then that.Pakistanis needs to change their thinking and mindset towards lesser developed areas and section of society.


  • Mirza
    Mar 23, 2014 - 12:14PM

    Saudis are biggest employers of cheap Pakistani labor. They offer no min wage, no freedom to change jobs or leave the country, no basic civil or human rights let alone labor rights. No rights to buy a property, business or stay in Saudi Arabia even if the kids are born there.
    On the other hand in maligned west we have min wage between $8-11/hour depending upon the state in the US with overtime and two days off each week. In addition human conditions to work and live wherever one wants and quit job at will. Many get citizenship and their kids are born citizens with equal rights. The same is true for the UK, Canada, Norway and most western countries. No wonder after retirement when Pakistanis are thrown out of S. Arabia they seek residence in the west not the other way around. Yet despite beatings, hands chippings and beheading we love S. Arabia where we are paid the least.


  • hameed
    Mar 23, 2014 - 12:49PM

    apart from the dangerous “war of narrative narrative” , why on earth cotton is a provincial subject and tobacco a federal subject,just one example of how centeral govt (read Punjab) is depriving other provinces of its due right, big brother does not mean big thief


  • Tayyab
    Mar 23, 2014 - 1:18PM

    @Always Learning

    If this is saroop’s sahibs method of bashing the mind set of rulers, I shudder to think what he will write if he bashes the Punjabis. He has written some good stuff but this is an exceedingly poor article, what if some one writes a similar article on pakhtuns, after all whatsoever the reasons most of the killing is carried out by people having active sanctuaries there. I am sure it will be called racist, but Punjabis it seems are a fair game especially since Pakistan again has a punjabi ruler after 14 years.


  • Ali S
    Mar 23, 2014 - 1:53PM

    The ‘ghairatmand’ people who think TTP are ‘decent fellas who deserve a chance’ want Pakistan to be like Saudi Arabia – a theocratic state, hence there’s no outrage on strings attached to riyals.Recommend

  • Jay
    Mar 23, 2014 - 1:58PM

    Bang on article , as an Indian i feel the author has pointed the truth. facts can be interpreted in anyways. Punjab call their superiority hard work, but it can also be interpreted as bias towards other states. reserved seats for other province people in army , NS, is a good way to start. Half of comments are from Punjabis i bet, so this logic that the writer presents will never be excepted. It serves Punjab well to have animosity with Indian.


  • Khan
    Mar 23, 2014 - 2:01PM

    What all these individuals have in common ? Corps Commander Baluchistan, IG FC , GOC of Divisions in Baluchistan , Heads of Intelligence agencies Baluchistan , Commandants Command & Staff College Quetta , Commandant Infantry School Quetta , Chief Secretary Baluchistan , IG Police Baluchistan , IG Prisons Baluchistan , Home Secretary Baluchistan. No need to guess all of them hail from Punjab ! This is called neocolonialism. Now look at national level PM , Minister of Defense, Foreign Affairs , Planning and Development , Interior , Finance and the Economic Affairs , Media Information and Mass-media Broadcasting, Law, Justice, Human Rights , Railways , Water and Power etc all hail from Punjab . Now according to Stephen P. Cohen (“The Idea of Pakistan”, Oxford University Press), around 70% of the army officers are from Punjab, 14% from former NWFP, 9% from Sindh, 3% from Baluchistan and 1.3% from Azad Kashmir. According to Cohen the ratio of Punjabi in the senior ranks increase to more than 80%. At present CJCS , COAS , CGS , DG ISI , DG MI & most of senior ranks are from northern and central Punjab. So whether its Musharraf , Jamali , Zardari etc the real power lies with Establishment which is dominated by northern and central Punjab.


  • observer
    Mar 23, 2014 - 3:15PM

    Those who hold power in Pakistan are from Punjab, i.e. the establishment, the army, the decision makers in short. It is their narrative of religion, it is their narrative of Pakistan, it is their narrative of other provinces, it is their narrative of what matters that counts. Look what happened to the poor Bengali’s of East Pakistan, they were murdered, raped, without any remorse, never mind they called themselves Muslims, it did not count when it mattered most. Because the narrative of those who committed the crimes were mainly from Punjab, it was what they thought at that time that counted, others did not matter, never mind what crimes were committed. Pakistan thinks what happened in 1971 should be forgotten, the Bangladeshi’s say never ever. Bangladesh would want that Pakistan admits to the crimes they committed, admit to the murders, rapes, tortures, abuses. Pakistan does not have the guts to do that. It is most important that Pakistan realizes that giving power to one province, giving power to one ethnic group ( i.e. the Punjab) giving power to one selected group of people will only repeat the East Pakistan fiasco. Realize this mistake and change.


  • ahsan
    Mar 23, 2014 - 3:16PM

    Cntrl + F Find What ‘Punjab’ Replace with ‘Sharif Family’. Now it makes scene.


  • Awan
    Mar 23, 2014 - 3:48PM

    It’s easier to blame others for your shortcomings than it is to take responsibility. It’s easier to blame than admit you’re not that good. It’s easier to blame than it is to improve. It’s easier to blame than face your own reality. Blame others all the time and who try to be right by making others wrong.


  • Awan
    Mar 23, 2014 - 3:53PM

    @observer: So according to you the two main characters of East Pakistan debacle Bhutto and Yahya Khan were from Punjab?.


  • Mar 23, 2014 - 5:06PM

    Sterling display of facts! Thank you!


  • Mar 23, 2014 - 6:12PM

    There is not even equal progress within Punjab let alone other provinces, just pick Potohar and north Punjab with west Punjab or specially South Punjab.


  • Mar 23, 2014 - 6:14PM

    Im not in favour of more provinces at least at this time when country is divided on so many issues but the rest you said is understandable approach apply it at least for 10 year and see if that will work and bring some positive change in this mindset of other provinces.


  • Cheema
    Mar 23, 2014 - 6:45PM

    @Khan So Khan sahib basically if the ideals of Sher Shah and Ahmed Shah Abdali will return then you will become happy only as it is about power in your mind?. But Do you know that there are more Balochs living in Punjab than in the whole of Balochistan. Baloch are integral part of Punjab as well. Many officers from Punjab infact have a Baloch background for your kind information.
    Also do you know that for the past five years Noor Ul Amin Mengal was the DCO of Lahore. Now he is heading affairs in the second largest city of Punjab known as Faisalabad.
    Also the last five years were mainly in the hands of Non Punjabis and just wait for the completion of this term and then compare the performance of Punjabis of this term with the non Punjabi rule of the last government and you will see the difference.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli
    Mar 23, 2014 - 7:09PM

    whats wrong if Punjab peoples are more in arm forces after all they are more than others in pakistan and they died more during partition of india too and whats wrong with Al Bunjab that is
    language of islam and u are righting in foriegn lang dont forget….


  • Mar 23, 2014 - 7:21PM

    Shahbaz, the flame dowsing CM of Punjab was in
    China, not too long ago. Topic under discussion was
    the contract to build wall around Punjab. Chinese
    have expertise in this wall building.


  • Ali Tanoli
    Mar 23, 2014 - 7:30PM

    Trillions of Arab petro Dollars are in westren country and whats wrong if few drops comes to pakistan..


  • Ali Tanoli
    Mar 23, 2014 - 7:44PM

    All others dont have power in there mountain ortages….


  • Malveros
    Mar 23, 2014 - 8:38PM

    Why aren’t my comments being published every time I give a rebuttal to biased articles against Punjab ?


  • Maria
    Mar 23, 2014 - 8:59PM

    Punjab bashing when a Prime Minister from Punjab has been in power for hardly a year ! He is already working to turn things around in the whole country. It he is unsuccessful, vote him out. That’s why we have democracy now unless you want to be like the Arab states where there is always unrest and dictators or kings. Maybe you preferred the other Pak ulers who did nothing for their home provinces and likewise did little for the country? I am from KPK but we welcome development in Pakistan no matter who is in charge. Yes majority of Pakistan’s population is Punjabi so most jobs will be occupied by Punjabis but other groups all have access to same jobs. Playing the ethnic card is not helping anyone especially when you realize that NS is Kashmiri!


  • jamal
    Mar 23, 2014 - 9:46PM

    There is a difference between Punjab and Al Bunjab. Al Bunjab being an artificial notion will shrink until it is no more.

    Meanwhile, those who wish to become kings of Al Bunjab will find that there is no government left for them when Al Bunjab itself disappears.


  • Randomstranger
    Mar 24, 2014 - 7:06AM

    Yeah we get it. It is Punjab’s fault that Zardari and Altaf Hussain happen to be Sindhi.


  • Khi&Sind
    Mar 24, 2014 - 10:45AM

    Punjab MUST stop treating others as colonial subjects. Shame on it for treating others as third class citizens.


  • happy
    Mar 24, 2014 - 11:05AM

    Saroop Ijaz is the best columnist on Express Tribune these days. Keep up the great work!


  • Saqi
    Mar 24, 2014 - 12:38PM

    Punjab is responsible for all the killing in karachi?
    Punjab stoped Sindh government to carry out development projects in karachi and Sindh?
    Punjab is responsible for deaths in Thar?
    Why Sindhi people keep on selecting PPP. Why people of karachi keep on selecting MQM. Select people who worked for you.


  • SM
    Mar 24, 2014 - 5:54PM

    Punjab does not treat the rest of Pakistan as its subjects – utter nonsense. This is the nonsense that is spread to help rouse division among Pakistanis.

    Most of the food Pakistanis eat is grown in Punjab and you will not hear a single Punjabi saying that no one else can eat the food. Lets stop the nonsense of division and start to get along as Pakistanis.


  • Awan
    Mar 24, 2014 - 10:58PM

    @Maria: Miss Maria most people could not understand the definition of Punjabi. The definition of Punjabi ethnicity is different than Pukhtoon or any other. There is no specific tribe of Punjabi or a Particular race that could associate with Punjab.

    In Pukhtoon ethnic definition unless you dont belong from one race and Pukhtoon tribe you cannot be a Pukhtoon. On the other hand Punjabi definition is Cultural and Geographical. When you are born and bred in Punjab and adopt the culture of Punjab then you are considered a Punjabi. You family of the past could be Kashmiri, Past migrant from India, Baloch or from KPK in the past but it does not matter.So Origins does not matter. You can be of any color or race but can be a Punjabi.

    For example take the example of Rajputs and Jaats who live upto UP India but in Punjab they would be considered as Punjabis. Also tribes like Awans Maliks, Abbasis etc that inhabit both Punjab and Kashmir upto Hazara regions will consider themselves Punjabis while living in Punjab while they are Hazarewaal in Hazara and Kashmiri in Kashmir.. Nawaz Sharif is also an integrated Punjabi and infact migration plus intermarriage between Kashmir and Punjab is going on for centuries. Also one of the celebrated poets of Punjabi language is infact Munir Niazi whose family origins are from KPK but he adopted the local culture.

    Also many people dont know that language of Potohar Punjab is known as Potwari or Pahari and Azad Kashmir speaks the same language and culturally they are connected people.


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