Hottie of the week: Feroze Khan Kopite

Published: February 25, 2014

Status: Single

Born: Quetta, Pakistan

Birthday: 11th July, 1990

Who is he?

There is something inexplicably enchanting about Feroze’s smile that just draws us in every time we see him. You might recall it from the many television shows and live programmes he has hosted with ARY Music. It is hard to miss that warm and welcoming cheeky grin. Add to that a porcelain complexion, an impeccable sense of style and the ability to breathe life into even the dullest of TV moments and we have our very own Ashton Kutcher!  A graduate from the UK, Feroze stumbled into the world of video-jockeying by chance and realised that it was his true calling. He has been dubbed by many as the ideal ‘GQ man with an IQ’ and naturally becomes the centre of attention everywhere he goes. Inspired by creativity and his family, Feroze has sailed through criticism and the difficulties of the showbiz industry and emerged successful in every venture he has undertaken.

Why we love him

There are two things Feroze cannot live without: his mother and his motorbike. He has gone on record and confessed that if it weren’t for hosting, he would have loved to be a professional bike racer as he relishes the adrenaline rush his bike gives him. As for his mother, we couldn’t help but want to give him a tight hug when he sweetly admitted that his mother is his one true weakness and he couldn’t ever imagine living without her constant love and guidance.

Flirty, flamboyant and very fun to look at, Feroze is everything that a boy should be. His big personality is evident in his TV shows and one cannot help but want to get to know this handsome youngster a bit more. But there is more to Feroze than just an exuberant personality: he is very disciplined when it comes to health and fitness and works out religiously to maintain himself. And unlike most other boys, he is also very obsessive about hygiene and cleanliness and loves to cook! Yup… this boy just keeps getting better and better.

What you didn’t know about him

Feroze is deathly afraid of cockroaches.

He loves Pakistan but his favourite holiday destination is Cancun, Mexico.

Feroze is in search of a simple and sincere girl to be his life partner. He is seeking someone with whom he can connect intellectually and be best friends with. So ladies, if this sounds like you, we suggest you speak up soon. Who knows… maybe a honeymoon in Cancun is on the cards for you.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, February 23rd, 2014.

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