Media watch: Is there a solution to the Karachi killings?

Media analyses the government's decision to not call in the army to control the situation in Karachi.

Ali Syed October 21, 2010

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Terrorised Karachi

Certain leaders from the PPP and ANP have called for the army to step in. The prime minister shot down the idea on Wednesday, saying that politicians were capable of handling the crisis. Though it is the right of an elected government to call out the army in aid of civil power, this might not be wise in Karachi as all those in Sindh’s coalition government are believed to be involved in the violence. (

The Karachi cauldron

For months now there has been a deployment of rangers across Karachi. The familiar sandbags and barricades have appeared in many places. But what purpose do these serve if lives cannot be saved? The effectiveness of the security measures taken need to be reviewed in depth. The government must call in experts – if necessary from abroad – to see what kind of measures are needed. If our forces need more training this should be offered. (

Murders most inhuman

The Karachi situation is a strange mix of tragedy and confusion. The PPP, which is a major governing party of the province of Sindh, is repeatedly charged by its coalition partner MQM of complicity and inaction, often demanding the resignation of provincial Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza (PPP), who has at least once accused the MQM of being behind the mayhem. (

Peace in Karachi is achievable

Accepted, the political culture has failed to obtain conditions for peaceful coexistence of various ethnic segments of society and that over the last few years, the divisions along ethnic lines have been allowed to deepen. But that is not something peculiar to Karachi; in all mega-metropolitans - be it Hong Kong, New York or Mumbai - people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds peacefully coexist. What holds peace between them is the rule of law. (


Syed Kashif Nawaz | 12 years ago | Reply There is an organized disinformation campaign being run by some Groups against MQM, some opportunist Media Channels or Newspapers are proving their loyalties with their Masters instead of proving with their professions!
Tanzeel | 12 years ago | Reply Give Home Ministry to MQM. Zulfiqar Mirza is postponing the operation and giving terrorist chance to escape from Lyari. Have you ever seen any ANNOUNCED operation ?
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