Hottie of the week: Taimoor Choudhry

With Taimoor’s intense good looks, artistic prowess and ability to fly us around world, what more could anyone want?

January 07, 2014

Status: Single

Born: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Birthday: 24th July, 1981

Who is he?

If you loved Tom Cruise as the irresistibly charming fighter-pilot Maverick in Top Gun, you are in for a treat today. Taimoor Choudhry may not be a daring military pilot but he is equally as gorgeous and passionate about flying as Maverick was. Although his father didn’t allow him to join the Pakistani Air force, Taimoor took private flying lessons and is now a trained and licensed pilot. There is something oh-so-appealing about a man who knows his passions and follows them, wow. And that’s not even the best part! Taimoor is also the general manager and creative director of the renowned jewelry brand Damas in Paksitan! He attributes both his passion for flying and love for designing to the adrenaline rush he gets out of both. He enjoys anything  that gets his heart pumping and blood rushing, be it flying a plane 35,000 feet in the air or displaying his latest jewelry collection on the ramps. On top of it all, this dapper young gentleman holds an Economics degree from McGill University and is seeking an equally ambitious and intelligent ladylove to fly around with. So ladies, call dibs!

Why we love him

With Taimoor’s intense good looks, artistic prowess and the ability to fly us around the world, what more could anyone want? Taimoor is every bit the eloquent, intellectual and well-mannered man you would expect a jewelry connoisseur to be. He claims to suffer from severe stage fright and, much to our dismay, doesn’t like appearing on TV shows too much as he gets nervous. He is an environmentalist at heart and he draws inspiration from nature, including trees, flowers and animals. He is also an animal rights enthusiast and he once based an entire line of jewelry (Genero Jungle by Damas) on them. His plans for the future include bringing about some change in the law to protect our environment and animals against further degradation.

Taimoor is also a patriot and hates the negative portrayal of Pakistan in the international media. He prefers Pakistani cuisine over all others and to travel within the country. His idea of the perfect adventure is flying to Skardu and then hiking up K2 someday.

What you didn’t know about him

Taimoor’s most prized possession is his dog Foofy who has been with him for almost eight years now!

His favourite spots to hangout in are Cuckoo’s Café and Andaaz Restaurant in Lahore so ladies, if you want to casually drop by, you better do it fast!

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, January 5th, 2014.


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So WHO is he actually ?

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