IHC suspends govt order to close CNG stations in Punjab

Court says CNG stations will remain open for three days a week in all areas of Rawalpindi, Islamabad.

Web Desk December 23, 2013
Court says CNG stations will remain open for three days in all areas of Rawalpindi, Islamabad. PHOTO: FILE

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday issued a written order regarding the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) case, Express News reported.

The written order calls for the suspension of the government's order to shut down CNG stations in Punjab for three months, stating that CNG stations will remain open for three days a week in all areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui had heard the case in the IHC.

Earlier, the government had decided to shut down all CNG stations in Punjab from November to January to ensure supplies to consumers during winter.

The owners of CNG stations had argued that this decision was unfair as the government intended to provide gas to other industries twice a week and was singling them out.

The case has been postponed and will be heard in the third week of February.


yawar | 7 years ago | Reply

I think court shall not have ordered for reopening of cng stations and people shall be allowed to use Petrol and diesel and not to use cheap fuel ...why to give benefit to the people by allowing them to have a CNG if people can afford to have Petrol ? Cng owners dont have any right to live and they have made a big mistake to invest billions of amount in setting up a cng stations as far as i know in islamabad the rent for a cng station is ( leased ) is about 2-3 lac a month..... on one side government is saying we do not have gas and all the sectors would be treated equally including IPPS ,FERTILIZERS, INDUSTRY , factories , domestic and cng sector.....and at the end who is suffering people and CNG sector only ? why ....government only stoped the gas to industries for few days and then restored the gas for them later on .....but cng sector was forced to have load shedding ? why industries are getting gas at much lower rate ( subsidized rate ) at about 100-200 per MMBTU ? why fertilizer sector is getting cheap gas despite of increasing the fertilizer bag price ? ( recent increase was about 200 rs / bag )? ... recently government paid about 450billion rupees on account Circular debt and 50 billion was remaining .....do we have continous supply of electricity despite of clearing circular debt..?

Khawar Mahmud | 7 years ago | Reply

In fact I would like to send my complaint to the Justice Shaquat Aziz Siddiqui regarding his decision in CNG case that CNG stations are not serving people as they are suppose to do the same as i went this Friday 3/1/2014 at SNS CNG station near Islamabad by pass, stayed there from 02:30 midnight to 04:45am. At 04:45am they refused to fill the rest of the cars till 06:00am. So that the honorable Justice requested to fine them and order them to follow the rules. The 2nd thing i want to request is the compensation against the difficulty i faced and the financial loss i am bearing. For contact: 0342 5321532 0342 3443443

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