Hottie of the Week: Uzair Jaswal

Published: December 25, 2013

Status: Single

Born: Oregon, United States of America

Birthday: 22nd November, 1990

Who is he?

As we said last week, there really seems to be something magical in the Jaswal blood which begets talent and star power. Earlier this year, Ms T presented the uber talented Islamabadi rocker Umair Jaswal, and last week, his brother Yasir M Jaswal took the cake for his musical prowess and creative film-making. This week, we introduce you to the youngest superstar brother of the Jaswal clan, twenty-three year old Uzair who has been breathing new life into Islamabad’s underground music scene for years and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Already a household name in his hometown, Uzair’s claim to national fame was his soulful hit Nindiya Ke Paar in last year’s season of Coke Studio which propelled him towards a stardom he had yet to achieve. His most recent single, the fun and flirty Bolay has been credited for changing the field of Pakistani music videos forever and brought a new dawn for the singer who had thus far, released mostly mature, romantic ballads. Now, Uzair is all set to take his music career to new heights once he has completed his studies, and what’s more, he has the right set of talent, youthfulness and creativity to carry him through. Let’s just say Uzair is one up and coming musical prodigy that other Pakistani artistes ought to watch out for!

Why we love him

If you are imagining yourself being serenaded by this heartthrob, you aren’t alone. After all, who doesn’t love a dreamy young crooner, relaying the hit love songs of Nusrat Fatehali Khan with just enough emotion and melody to make us tear up? Uzair’s music has an uncanny knack for bringing out the hidden romantic in even the hardest of hearts and with talent like that, one can only say the best of Uzair Jaswal is yet to come.

While songs like Meri Rooh and Yaheen established him as a hopeless lover, Bolay and Bechara Dil showed a younger, more contemporary side of Uzair, who has the ability to effortlessly juggle both aspects of his personality. All in all, Uzair is the fun and fresh mix of talent and charm, soon to be the future of the Pakistani music industry.

What you didn’t know about him

Uzair is the youngest singer to have featured on the Coke Studio platform in all six seasons of the hit show.

He has admitted that his elder brothers Umair and Yasir are the biggest inspirations in his life and credits them for helping him through his life and career ever since they were children.

Although singing is his one true love, Uzair is also fond of acting and has participated in many theatre plays in Islamabad. Who knows, perhaps one day, he will bless our TV screens as the hero of a romantic saga, and we would definitely love that!

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, December 22nd, 2013.

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