PPP core committee meeting ends

The committee meeting, chaired by the president, is likely to discuss relationship with judiciary, media, MQM.

Express October 19, 2010

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday summoned party members for an emergency Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Core Committee meeting which ended with a decision to maintain an alliance with the MQM.

The PPP was also expected to be reviewing its relationship with the judiciary in this critical meeting in the light of the current tensions between the executive and judiciary.

The PPP has been dealing with the following issues in the struggle from crisis to crisis:

  • The ongoing case in the Supreme Court regarding the media reports that the government may withdraw the March 16, 2009 executive for restoration of judges.

  • The 18th amendment case on which the Supreme Court is expected to give its verdict soon.

  • The government’s petition on the National Reconciliation Order (NRO) review case.

  • The government’s alliance with the MQM in the backdrop of earlier reports that the MQM would be withdrawing from the coalition.

  • The government’s relationship with the media in the light of what the PPP claims was a deliberate attempt to spread false news against it.


Aftab Kenneth Wilson | 12 years ago | Reply The government is in a fix due to the open protection given to them by some Judges who have connections with some other most important elements both inside and out side the system. It is very important that PPPs leadership must now take all out tough stance because it has always been observed right from 1974 that this party always plays on back foot when it is confronted by some powerful forces. If it bogs down now to the rightest minded elements then the dooms day is not far but is rather in waiting nearby. It is time to take some tough steps against those who are blackmailing them (constitutionally). There is no need to carry a heavy bag of NAB cases alone but chip in also those whose cases are not being heard by their dear ones and the same must be done with those who took benefit from NRO no matter if they are also partner in the government. I am not a PPP worker but do have sympathy due to your deceased leadership which was murdered not for any crime but due to the same mind sets of those who are again out there to kill this party. Mr. Zardari is a brave man who never gave up even when he was persecuted for more than 8 years so do what brave men do and don't fall "Prey" to these manimals.
Adnan Ali | 12 years ago | Reply nobody think about country.
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