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Get hair inspiration from brunettes as they lead the fashion pack with their naturally fashionable hair hues.

Dilaira Dubash December 10, 2013

Whether you prefer long locks or a super short crop, here are a few suggestions to get the edge this season. To shake up your style this winter, add a shade of autumn. And if you are a brunette, celebrate your natural look by simply toning up your hair shade and sprucing up your cut. After all, blondes can’t always have all the fun!

There is no going mid-length this time around. If you’re going short, then embrace the androgynous, sharp-looking crop. But no matter which side you swing with your hair length, the quintessential fringe must follow — be it relaxed, choppy, asymmetrical or side-swept. It can give any look a youthful edge.

If you’re struggling already to put together this season’s cohesive look, here is how to go about it.

For shorter hair:

1.  No matter what your age, this ombre bob is a refreshing look for women even in their 50s. Pick a shade that is a few tones lighter than your natural hair and instead of a definite colour block, cleverly work it through your hair to show the gradual transition. Your stylish, cropped look is now complete.

2.  Get an undercut and update it with a highly desirable chocolate brown hue. The edgier you look, the better. The deep colour will flatter mature features. And if you want to take it a step further, add a complimentary red tone  — it is a great way to lighten brunette tresses once the greying starts.

3.  Together, a side-swept fringe and bob dominate the fashion scene this season. To perfect the look, get the cut in passionate red and copper tones as blonde is clearly not going to make an appearance this season.

For longer hair:

1.  Get daring, dark brunette locks and simply add extra volume and texture by piling up the layers. To complete this ultra feminine look, get a statement fringe at an eye-skimming length that will effortlessly knock years off your age. From forehead wrinkles to over-plucked eyebrows, fringes sheath it all and have earned a top spot in this season’s hair catalogue.

2.  To get this gorgeous looking mane, add depth to your hair with a light caramel hue. For naturally brunette hair, add contrasting deeper or lighter tones throughout. You just can’t go wrong with this look!

3.  Go ombre as dip-dyed hairstyles are huge this season. Get streaks of lighter or darker brunette hues through the lower length of your locks and pair that with loose, wavy hair and a blunt, heavy fringe. Word of advice: Steer clear of ringlets this season.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, December 8th, 2013.


laila Dharamsey | 7 years ago | Reply

NO way! Ringlets add volume and bounce! Who wants straight flat boring hair? Not me! And D you've got beautiful ringlets too!

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