Keamari Town’s nuclear power projects irk fishermen

PFF claims the project site has already been declared disaster prone.

Ppi November 28, 2013
PFF claims the project site has already been declared disaster prone. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) is unhappy with the two newly inaugurated Karachi nuclear power projects, K-1 and K-2, along the coastal area of the city in Keamari Town.

The officials are of the view that the authorities should have reviewed its environmental and social effects before their launch. In a statement issued on Thursday, the PFF said that the area community should have been taken into confidence with regards to their security to avoid any loss because of the installation of these power plants.

The statement said the projects were located close to the fault line while the people had been facing frequent warnings and threats of cyclone and tsunami. In case of this happening, it could be disastrous for not only the communities but also marine ecology. The project site has already been declared disaster prone, and there was no justification of environmental safety and community protection, it said.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated a project at Kanupp-II to end load-shedding in the country. It said the power plants usually released heat into the seawater, which may cause a significant drop in the population of several marine species, including fish, and may cause poverty among the coastal fishermen communities due to loss of livelihood.

The PM has dreamt the Karachi Coastal Project would make the country load-shedding free, but environmentalists and area community have reservations about this mega project.

The statement also links negative effects on human health because of the power projects. They appealed to the environmentalists, civil society and human rights activists to raise their voice against the power projects to avoid the impact of potential disasters in the name of development.

The statement asked the environmentalists to make a commitment to alternatives that produce sustainable and cost-effective reductions in greenhouse pollution, such as wind power, solar energy, energy efficiency gas and energy from organic matter, such as sewage and waste.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 29th, 2013.


vbfh | 7 years ago | Reply

West of Karachi is "turbulent" Balochistan boundary & East of Karachi Coast is all used-up ...till Pak Steel Mill. Then it's all useless Indus Delta land till the Indian boundary!

Anything coming in future will have to be jammed on Karachi coats line. You haven't seen nothing yet, wait for next 20 years and you won't be able to see even the sea shores or clean sea beaches, that's how much and haw fast ahead the power and trade sectors are eating-up the land, sea water and beaches resources. I center could do, they will line Karachi Coast line with Nuclear Plants for whole Pakistan.

Why? There is not much water coming down from Himalaya anymore. The government must involve the Pak citizens and put the reality papers infront of them for honest advice...Now can we trust the clans and the tribes and the illiterate masses?

Only the Elites knows what will be there in 50 years.

Dipak | 7 years ago | Reply

[email protected]: Yes, with so much natural resources, Pakistan can easily tap an additional 45,000 MW of Hydroelectric power power. Now add to that another 20,000 MW of wind and solar power plants. And do you know that Pakistan actually is one of the few countries that can sell power to the neighbors. Hard to believe, isn't it a great surprise? I have kept politics out of my thoughts in favor of prosperity of Pakistan. God bless Pakistan.

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