PPP decides to fight all odds in streets

Zardari tells party members to go to their constituencies and "start mobilising people...they are our soldiers."

Zia Khan October 16, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Sensing the worse might already be knocking on the doors of its beleaguered rule, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has set in motion a mass contact movement to ‘fight all the odds in the streets’.

“Go to your constituencies and start mobilising people…they are our soldiers and  we will have to rely on their strength ultimately,” was the message President Asif Ali Zardari sent across the party fold at a meeting on Thursday night.

Participants of Zardari’s meeting with the party’s parliamentarians from Punjab told The Express Tribune that they felt for the first time judging by the tone and tenor of the president that he was anticipating ‘anything at anytime’.

However, this was contradicted by some of the participants who said that the president vowed to fight back in case a ‘conspiracy is hatched by someone’.

The meeting took place the same night the Supreme Court reacted to media reports that the government might attempt to ‘purge’ a hostile judiciary by withdrawing an executive order under which judges were restored in 2009.

PPP parliamentarians from Punjab said that the order by the president to mobilise masses in constituencies was a call to prepare for any ‘eventuality’ of an ongoing government-judiciary row.

On Thursday, officials in the PPP said that the party secretary-general Jahangir Badar embarked upon a hurriedly planned visit to several areas of the Hazara division, where he held meetings mostly with lawyers loyal to the group.

“This was, for sure, a starting point,” one of the officials spoke of the trip and added that Badar might be visiting bar councils in Punjab as well.

Moreover, other prominent leaders from the party will also be establishing contacts with workers, especially lawyers, to generate support for the government in case of a showdown with the judiciary.

It was at the last meeting of the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) in Islamabad that Zardari hinted at ‘fighting it out into the streets and onto the roads’ if its government was toppled. “Get ready for anything…any call can be given at any time,” Zardari said in an address to party’s decision-making Central Executive Committee (CEC) last month.

With fresh directives from the top to get in touch with masses, several PPP leaders believe the call has already been given.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 16th, 2010.

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chandka | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend Can any body provide details of the perks and privileges the superior judges are getting. Their packages are far more than the Federal ministers are getting. Taxpayers and People have all the right to know what sums of monies are being spent by the exchequer on judges who are hell bent to destabilize all the democratic governments and has legalized all the dictators to the extent of granting them tenures to rule and to amend the constitution.
basharat | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend The conduct of the judiciary as a whole, with exception of a few courageous judges , had been despicable, it surrenders in front of usurpers at the time of military take overs , behave and react so meekly which is unbecoming of the judges of the highest Court of the Country . They are expected to show exemplary courage , but majority of them , surrender and readily prostrate before the military dictators , but in case of the democratically elected governments , they become aggressive and undermine the authority of democratic governments , through their judgments , and strange interpretations of the Constitution . After military take over of October 1999 , supreme Court Bench to which present Chief justice of Pakistan was a member , validated the Military regime , allowed it to amend the Constitution , allowed the dictator to rule the Country for three years , without holding any elections , declared president´s election through referendum to be legal , whereas it was in contravention of the constitutional provisions provided for election of the President . All judgments and interpretations of the constitution ( except for last year of Mushurraf rule ) were intended to facilitate smooth running of Mushurraf Government , so much so the judiciary voluntarily tolerated a president in uniform . The role of the politicians , unluckily , is not at all ideal , they, for tactical gains , inadvertently or voluntarily, put themselves to be manipulated in the hands of the establishment . If wisdom could prevail over hope of short lived political gains , Nawaz League should not forget as to what had happened on 12th October , 1999 .
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