India supporting militancy in Balochistan: Musharraf

Published: October 10, 2010
File photo of Pervez Musharraf delivering a press conference in London. PHOTO: EPA

File photo of Pervez Musharraf delivering a press conference in London. PHOTO: EPA

Former President Pervez Musharraf, in an interview with Indian TV channel Times Now, has blamed India for supporting militancy in Balochistan.

In the interview Musharraf says that India is ‘aiding and abetting Militancy in Balochistan.’ He goes on to say:

We have evidence and proof that Baramdagh who carries out attacks is sitting in Kabul, he visits Delhi and is recieved by RAW.

Just recently, when Musharraf was asked in an interview with Der Spiegel why he had formed militant underground groups to fight India in Kashmir, he had replied that “they were indeed formed. The government turned a blind eye because they wanted India to discuss Kashmir.”

However, in his latest interview with CNN-IBN, Musharraf said the ISI did not train Kashmiri militants, but admits they got shelter in Pakistan.

There is no question of the army, intelligence or the ISI creating Mujahideen groups, training them and sending them in… Hizbul Mujahideen group was created in your (Indian) part of Kashmir and then they ran away from there after military atrocities.

The former president has been engaged in a war of words with political rivals and former allies, and has made some startling revelations since he launched his party in London.

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  • raza
    Oct 10, 2010 - 8:43PM

    Musharraf may not be the best in what he does, but i guess he’s the only leader who can speak to the media and not get bullied by their questions. case in point, just take a look at his interview with Times Now of india.
    Even if he may not be the leader again, he does bring in a culture of policy and issue discussions to the fore. and i guess, from the day we move from family and personality based politics to issue and policy based politics, our resurrection wont be far.


  • Oct 10, 2010 - 8:50PM

    and what did you do about this when you were President?Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza
    Oct 10, 2010 - 9:04PM

    A great reply to Talal Bugti.. lets see what he has to say now. 2 Billion?Recommend

  • Oct 10, 2010 - 9:13PM

    He Launched Kargil operation. Spoken to Karzai about his concerns, put up the issue on various international forums, tried to get Aghan border mined and fenced which was objected by Karzai and US Government etc.Recommend

  • ASQ
    Oct 10, 2010 - 9:39PM

    Mr.Musharraf its too little too late!!!Recommend

  • lalit
    Oct 10, 2010 - 9:44PM

    this is an old stance of Pakistan ,which is just being repeated by mushy.going by the bold declaration or rather confession of Mushy that Paskistani govts have been actively supporting militancy in Indian Kashmir,it is only naive not to expect India to pay in the same coin.he proudly owns kargil and blames India for trouble in Baluchistan.irrespective of who is supporting whose foes,it remains a fact that under prevailing circumstances Pakistan can ill afford a hostile India actively supporting insurgency in Baluchistan.
    as far as boldness of musharraf in giving such statements is concerned,speaking from a vantage point with nothing to lose is no bravery,its called opportunism.his gestures would have been appreciated had he spilled the beans while in office.Recommend

  • Oct 10, 2010 - 10:02PM

    @Tanzeel i appreciate your knowledge about history. Musharraf did kargall in 1999 when Balochistan’s tension not started and when India allegedly backed Barahmdagh bugti then Musharraf did nothing just mentioned in couple of interviews and even when India stopped Pakistan’s water, Musharraf did nothing….. so please correct history and don’t confuse. thanksRecommend

  • Zubair Azam Khan
    Oct 10, 2010 - 11:48PM

    lalit what ventage point, he talk like a man who know issues of pakistan, he do not hide behind sonia gandi. My hamble opions is, he should be doing more of taking like this he should take about the issue in country and internation forums for pakistan because our PM have no idea how to run pakistan.Ch brother will pay price for leaving him.They are not good for nothing. india is speading terror in Balochiestan everone Knows it. Mr.Ghyulam shabbir yes he did kargall in 1999 understand what happen after that Kashmir became international issue and now we have adventage in kargall amd norther area. Let me just ask u, r u ever being in army may be not they are the people who stand on post and say nothing will happen to u in my watch.
    I wish him alot of luck against those currpets politicion.Recommend

  • Oct 11, 2010 - 12:38AM

    India has been instigating unrest in Baluchistan for quite some time now and some of the Baluch leaders are playing in their hands.

    Baluch leaders never allowed the province to be developed and pocked all the money given to them as a royalty.

    The Bugti leader took billions of rupees as royalty but what did he do for his people? Did he set up a single school in his area? Did he start any scheme of safe drinking water for his people from the wealth that he received as royalty?

    Where did they get all the sophisticated weaponry to fight the Pakistan Army for such a long time?

    The only mistake which Musharraf did was mishandling of the Judiciary. The people of Pakistan got carried away in empty promises for independent judiciary.

    I would always remember Pervez Musharraf as a leader who worked for the people the common people, because it was during his time that massive development was done in the field of education. And education is the only way for poor and middle class people to attain to some position in life.

    NRO is not my problem and we are seeing the fruits of democracy. In Persian they say there is no remedy for the wrong that you have yourself done.

    We wanted democracy and we should enjoy it now in the shape of incompetence (Gillani) and corruption (Zardari).

    Pakistan ZindabadRecommend

  • R. Querieshi
    Oct 11, 2010 - 12:54AM

    He did nothing and watched India doing that. Yes, he started and facilitated Indian movies in our cinemas.

    He is trying to portray as patriot after many statements which were detrimental to Pakistan. It is too late..Recommend

  • Shani Syed
    Oct 11, 2010 - 1:34AM

    So whats new??? Thats a known fact india is involved in Baluchistan and want to tear it apart just like what happened to east Pakistan… but the question is are we going to let them succeed??? frm the way we have been dealing with the baluchistan issue it seems india may not have to work so hard any ways, we can do the jobs for them ourselves God Forbids, if we keep up with this wrong attitude towards Baluchistan.

    The matter needs to be dealt with seriously and we need to take Baluchis on board and give them the due right else we shall be facing grimmer consequences. india is not just present in Baluchistan its present every where it can be in Pakistan causing troubles with Mossad and CIA as per the intellegence agencies but what are we actually doing about it? Is Mr. Mush having a plan for us to deal with it and deal with Kashmir differently than he did before and better than those are responsible now? lets wait and see and hopefully lets try and be a little optimistic as we know the man is bold enough to say all this even when he was giving lectures in india but is this enough or are we going to take practical steps too?Recommend

  • Umair Mallick
    Oct 11, 2010 - 2:26AM

    Please be fair and look around. I don’t think anyone will see ONE politician or a government representative who can show courage and wisdom Mr Musharraf has and openly challenge international powers on core issues that concern Pakistan.

    It is useless to go personal in political issues. We need to leave our personal pride behind and humbly see the reality. If we cant see it, then perhaps we should seek the truth in history in a fare and just manner. That is the only way forward for this country.Recommend

  • Haris
    Oct 11, 2010 - 2:38AM

    @lalit the only problem with your reasoning lalit bhai is that by saying ‘it is only naive not to expect India to pay in the same coin’ in respect of the baluchistan issue is that baluchistan is not a disputed region whereas kashmir is. the same comparisons cannot be madeRecommend

  • Dur Muhammed
    Oct 11, 2010 - 3:46AM

    Good Job–Now who supporting to Ex- Dictator ? in London.
    Mushraff new start against democracy & democratic Govt of Pakistan is noteable.
    Democracy is best revenge for dictator & his followers.
    He speaking like President ( are you dreaming ?, Sleeping ? )
    Who r you ? What is your position in Pakistan and in London.?
    Now — If some thing you know about secracy of Pakistan , you have no
    right to tell media & give interview for moeny about Pakistan.It will be again &
    again mistakes , against consititution of Pakistan , do’nt joke.

    Dur Muhammed.Recommend

  • Ben
    Oct 11, 2010 - 4:48AM

    India is supporting militancy in Pakistan Balochistan to serve American interests to make Gwadar port dysfunctional because it is building road infrastructure inside Iran to connect Chabahar port, built by India, with Afghanistan and CARs. There are signs that Iran and USA are in secret marriage which they do not want to disclose. Read more at: link textRecommend

  • Sonam Shyam
    Oct 11, 2010 - 7:26AM

    I am really surprised that some people in Pakistan are gloating over the fact that Musharraf resisted the alleged bullying at the hands of an Indian TV channel. I want to tell my Pakistani friends that most Pakistani commentators agree that Musharraf is a liar and prone to bluff & bluster and master at playing to the gallery. Tackling military dictators like him requires firmness and deft handling. In that Times Now interview, Musharraf was at his blustery best and that should not be taken as any kind of victory at all. The person who is taking the interview has to accommodate the interviewees view point and that is the norm all over the world. It’s not a question of victory or defeat. Musharraf gave one hour interview to NDTV’s Barkha Dutt and as expected, he was very comfortable. But he gave only 20 minutes to Times Now and as expected, Musharraf was extremely uncomfortable. I want to tell my Pakistani friends the reason for it. The Times Now interview was taken by Maroof Raza, who is India’s leading strategic affairs analyst and more importantly, a former Indian army officer. Surely Musharraf would have known the background of Maroof Raza and that is why he gave just 20 minutes to him and got repeatedly hot under the collar while he enjoyed the 1 hour with Barkha Dutt.Recommend

  • Rationalist
    Oct 11, 2010 - 9:01AM

    Pakistan needs to quit the failed US Islamophobic war in Afghanistan and focus on the Indian threat and start supporting Kashmiri freedom fighters and other Indian communities like the Nagas, Mizos, Moaists, Assamese etc. Distancing from US warmongering and daily murder of Pakistani civilians will also unite the nation and create a stronger national consensus. The expensive and suicidal subservience to an Islamophobic America has brought Pakistan nothing but grief. US/Zionist/Indian agenda is all the same.Recommend

  • Hamza Baloch
    Oct 11, 2010 - 9:18AM

    Its Musheraf who gave the chance to india in involvement.

    Till to Bugti`s death, indian was away from Balochistan.
    After killing bugti and enjoying a good life… Most of Pro-Pakistani Baloch also become haterd from Musheraf generaly and against Pakistan partialy:|Recommend

  • Sonam Shyam
    Oct 11, 2010 - 12:34PM

    The allegations by Pakistan about the involvement of RAW in the insurgency in Balochistan is nothing new. From Musharraf to Kayani and from Gilani to Qureshi, almost every Pakistani military and civilian leader has made this claim. But the most intriguing part is that no credible evidence of Indian involvement has ever been presented. Indian foreign minister S.M.Krishna categorically stated that not a shred of evidence has yet been given. While on the other hand, India has provided so much evidence about Pakistani involvement in various terrorist activities that your foreign secretary sarcastically called it “Piece of literature”. So dear friends, why don’t you ask your government to first place concrete evidence to the Pakistani public? Similar kind of obnoxious propaganda is also unleashed on the river waters diversion. Your own water related minister has gone on record to say that leave alone diverting waters; India has not even taken its legal share of Indus waters. As far as Balochistan is concerned, why is the worlds best spy agency, ISI, not able to provide concrete evidence of Indian involvement? Or is it that the Indian spy agency, RAW, is so smart that they operated in Balochistan without ISI catching any one red handed. If that is the case then the best spy agency award should go to RAW. Lastly, most Pakistanis would be surprised to learn that most Indians don’t rate RAW very highly and its functioning is marred by bureaucratic bung-lings and infighting etc, which is typical of any department controlled by the civilian government. The army controlled ISI, on the other hand, has successfully created trouble in India and it is miles ahead of RAW in every sphere. Although it’s a separate matter of discussion whether what ISI does is justified or not and how much secure/insecure Pakistan has become due to its activities.Recommend

  • Oct 11, 2010 - 3:25PM

    I suppose if you repeat it enough number of times you will begin to believe your own lies. And as long as Pakistanis believe that Balochistan is an India-aided insurgency you will never begin to solve the problem of alienation and poor development that is giving rise to demands of secession.

    Among the more laughable reasons I have come across on the Pakistani talk shows for Pakistan not giving evidence of India’s involvement is that Pakistan is being the bigger, more generous party here. Ha.

    Samina Peerzada and her husband were conducting a wonderful group discussion on what the need of the hour was for rejuvenating Pakistan’s economy. And the one solution that would solve all of Pakistan’s problems was not even mentioned – to stop toeing the army line that India is enemy number one and to begin a win-win trade with the bigger neighbour. Recommend

  • Shani Syed
    Oct 11, 2010 - 5:12PM

    @ Harris well said Baluchistan is a part of Pakistan and Kashmir is a forcefully occupied disputed territory by india.

    @ Ben
    I am going to agree with you, Gwadar port is one of the key issues both uSA and india have an interest in and want to control the South Asia region by being present there but again my question remains the same…We all know that but what are we as the citizens of Pakistan and the government and all the politicians going to do about it… We need to first satisfy the needs of Baluchistan take them on board solve their issues give them their due right make it prosper and then kill the evil looming in Baluchistan be it RAW or Mossad or CIA who ever and when due measures are taken the revival of econmy takes place, we trust each other and work in common interest the insurgencies will subside by time itself same is the case with NWFP, its a matter of UNITY FAITH and DISCIPLINE

    @ Parsad
    Trading with the big neighbour shall never be a win win for Pakistan. Yes the benefit shall totaly go to india, it shall not revive the economy but yes be a booster for india and then give it a chance to indulge more into Pakistani affair just like the britishers who originally came to the subcontinent for trade…my opinion may not be the same as yours but this is a step on which I find the stand should be if trade is going to take place as it does illegaly any ways, we need to define a proper guide lines for it and take firm decisions so it shall benefit both countries and not just one then again only if its more feasible and Productive for Pakistan and not increase the problems by opening door to another trouble.Recommend

  • Waqas
    Oct 11, 2010 - 5:19PM

    To my Indian friends:

    An insurgency-extreme is knocking on your door. From Kashmir, to Assam, to Tamils to Maoists…. Most of these areas have hardly been developed and the people living there are highly disadvantaged compared to Indians living in other places/regions.

    What happened in Pakistan in th past 3 years was nothing to what awaits Indians in the next decade. With India’a aging war machine, old weaponry and lack of anti insurgency training… the insurgency are going to have a field day….. then it will be our turn to say “we told you so!!” ;-)Recommend

  • Ali Farooqui
    Oct 11, 2010 - 7:08PM

    @Prasad: “And as long as Pakistanis believe that Balochistan is an India-aided insurgency you will never begin to solve the problem of alienation and poor development that is giving rise to demands of secession”

    might I suggest you practice this approach in Kashmir before advising us? the way I see it India is 110% involved in Baluchistan just as we are in Kashmir , so we both should either stop playing this game or stop whingingRecommend

  • Arijit Sharma
    Oct 11, 2010 - 11:13PM

    @rationalist – ” …. start supporting Kashmiri freedom fighters and other Indian communities like the Nagas, Mizos, Moaists, Assamese etc.

    @waqas – “An insurgency-extreme is knocking on your door. From Kashmir, to Assam, to Tamils to Maoists….”

    It is high time you Pakistani bozos stopped believing in your own propaganda.

    Please stop citing Assam as an example of a freedom movement. If there is any freedom movement in Assam, it is to free the place from BANGLADESHI MUSLIMS. If there is discontent, it is because of a lack of development. And this lack of development is squarely to be blamed on utterly corrupt politicians and government officials who pocket much of the development money.

    If you really must know, the Assamese people are part of the great Vedic continuum and proudly hoist the Indian Flag, sing the National Anthem and Vande Mataram – quite unlike Baluchistan, where the Parcham-e-Sitara-o-Hilal flies only in buildings guarded by FC.

    Any what Tamil insurgency/freedom movement do you guys keep talking about ? The Tamil speaking people, like all other linguistic groups, including the Assamese are all actively participating and defining “India” ( or Bharat if you please ).

    “With India’a aging war machine, old weaponry “ … you are correct there. My own take is that Indian politicians lack foresight, are too peace loving and are not aggressive enough.

    “What happened in Pakistan in th past 3 years was nothing to what awaits Indians in the next decade. ….. then it will be our turn to say “we told you so!!” ;-) – But before you get ready for that, get past the troubles in Pakistan first. Things do not look good at all for you at all. Recommend

  • Giri
    Oct 12, 2010 - 1:14AM

    These statements show that Mushy is getting back with full force on the political landscape. As a military ruler, he never feared about going out of power and so never made such statements. But now times are different for Mushy. The only way he can gain sympathy is to increase the hostility against India, that way he sounds very patriotic and his new found jingoism will muster some support across the public, even though the govt has to spread their hands before IMF for more aid.Recommend

  • Rationalist
    Oct 12, 2010 - 3:18AM

    Despite all the usual rants from Indians, the FACT remains that India is a weak artificial state which lacks economic, religious or social cohesion. If Pakistan gets its act together and gets rid of the destructive US albatross around its neck, it has far more social, religious geographic and economic cohesiveness. Pakistan should work with its Muslim neighbours, particularly Iran, Turkey and China. The US will suck India dry as a pathetic “counterweight” to China. India is too weak and disorganized even to look after its internal security situation let alone take on China, the world’s only real SUPERPOWER. A dozen kids armed with nothing more lethal than AK’s shut down India’s “financial capital” Bombay for a week. If Pakistan and the Indian Muslims, particularly the Kashmiris get serious, INDIA IS TOAST.Recommend

  • Tony Singh
    Oct 12, 2010 - 12:02PM

    @Harris and others
    You say unlike Kashmir, Balochistan is not a disputed terriotory. I see whole of Pakistan as disputed territory. You look insurgency from Kashmir to Assam. I look at insugency in whole provinces of Pakistan. Sindh wants its own way. Punjabi feudal lords running their own fiefdoms, Gilgit Baltistan in Chinese control, and of course Baluchistan. Look at your own backyard before you think of dividing our nation. Don’t expect Indians to shower flowers on you while you plan evil designs for us.Recommend

  • Daubic
    Oct 12, 2010 - 5:13PM

    Mr. Rationalist, I am glad to see some fools like you are around the world. Could you imagine some terrorists, in your words Pakistani kids with nothing lethal but just AK 47 killing 169 innocent people and that too you are trying to show case that India can be blacked by such coward acts. Let me say you clearly, Its Pakistan which had sponsored these acts and those terrorists are the by-products of you ideology and institutions. Believe me, any body who hold a AK 47 can kill anybody. To an AK 47 the religion, Caste, Social and Economic Status does not matter. If the idiots who hold those weapons, trigger them it will kill anybody independent of whether they are innocent or criminals and to support any such acts and setting it as example shows your foolish attitude and the support towards those acts.

    I challenge you. Can you go anywhere say a mosque, common place, shrine or shopping complex in Pakistan and return safely without being hit in one or another incidents like bomb blast, target killing etc…. Even if you stay with your family inside you home. you are getting Drone attacks. People like you talk about dignity, self respect. Try to save yourself.

    And Iran is constantly complaining about your terrorist organization’s involvement in its soil. Same is the case with Afghanistan. Believe me, one day The world would run out of Patience and you will see what would happen to you. Even now you are begging the western countries for survival and the so called your Pals or neighbors don’t care for you folks. By eating a begging meals, if you can utter these words, what would happen if you would eat some respected meals.Recommend

  • Anonymous
    Oct 12, 2010 - 5:41PM

    You call urself a rationalist! What kind of rationalist are you?
    1. Since when did Turkey and China become “Muslim States”.
    2. Your Sunni Majority cannot stand Shias in your midst, how your populace can become friends with Iran?
    3. You raise China Vs Indian question. That shows somewhere in your thinking you think they can be equated.
    We the Indians have power to dream. And to dream big. We will achieve our social,and economic goals because unlike Pakistan we are not a disllusioned people. First step to solve problem is to acknowledge it. That is what our successive govts, whichever political party they have belonged to, have done. And in due course of time they will be solved, inspite of Pakistan’s wishful thinking.
    We are not dependent on USA or China or any other so called “Super power” to achieve our objectives. Our power comes from people who have hunger to achieve success and we are not dependent to achieve success through weapons, but through education. That is the weapon we Indians havre planned to develop and use it in effective way. Go to the best institutes of learning in the world, and you will find significant nos. of Indian professors and students there. And yes they have not just stayed there but have come back and invested their wealth of knowledge in India. IIS,IITs and IIMs are shining examples of that. And that investment of knowledge will propel us out of our problems.
    Pakistan on other hand invested its wealth to terrorise India (out of sheer jealously and on behest of China). And now that monster is eating the hand that fed.
    This has been the difference in the path the two countries have taken.
    And by the way how come having just religion as a common denominator can bring people togather?(Your pointt of Indian Muslims joining hands with Pakistan to “Toast India”) If that were so how come there was Iraq – Iran war, the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussain, The fight between two Koreas and the world war II(Christian Germany Vs Rest of Christian world). Perhaps Mr. Rationalist you can throw some light on it. Please enlighten us lesser mortals with your rational thinking!Recommend

  • Rationalist
    Oct 12, 2010 - 8:58PM

    Instead of going into your juvenile diabtribes, let’s FACE FACTS. India has never been an independent nation or even a cohesive state. It has always been ruled by superior foreigners. Even Nadir Shah, the great Persian warriors captured all of India with barely 50,000 Persian immortals (Javedan). The Arabs under a 17 year old Mohammad Bin Qasim captured Sindh and most of western India almost 1500 years ago with no resistance from the incesteous Raja Dahir. The successive waves of Central Asian, Turkish and Persian Muslims have ruled India for better part of its pathetic history, till Robert Clive and the Brits showed up with nothing more lethal than an East India Trading Company wooden crate and an umbrella. This only happened because Bahadur Shah and the MIghty Moghul Empire was at the end of tether and treachery as usual played a part in undermining Moghul rule. Anyway, India is a basketcase with 800 million abject poor starving people living on less than 50 cents a day and a sick caste system that is worse than slavery. Even the most irrational person can figure out that India simply can’t manage even a minor “commonwealth games” with its poor hygeine standards and feces, monkeys, snakes and cows in the streets, let alone be a major “power”. Pakistan will eventually free itself of US yoke and as a resilient nation will move on. I think the best option for India’s straving people (UN yesterady stated that India has worst malnutrition than Africa) is to break-up the failed Indian “union” and create viable small states linked to China and Pakistan. Anyway, ENOUGH SAID, you should be able to paint a rational picture by now of India’s dead end future.Recommend

  • myra
    Oct 12, 2010 - 11:35PM

    of course, its always the Indians, Americans, Israelis, nothing can ever be blamed on the incompetency of the Pakistani government itself.

    Balochistan is the most dense province in natural gas (which happens to be what a lot of Pakistan runs on) and we have completely robbed the province without making any effort whatsoever to reconcile the poverty struck masses.

    If they are stepping up now, why is blame always targeted on outside forces? The reasons for hate have stemmed from our own government

    Moreover, the little faith I had in Musharaff has now gone after reading this. The entire Pakistani government (past and present) needs to take responsibility for its actions on a much wider scale.Recommend

  • Salim Ansari
    Oct 13, 2010 - 12:35AM

    It is really sad to see how propaganda has corrupted the minds of Pakistanis to the point that how good things are in Pakistan is measured in terms of how bad things are in India – the typical Pakistan = not India equation.

    @rationalist – “If Pakistan and the Indian Muslims, particularly the Kashmiris get serious, INDIA IS TOAST.”

    My feeling is that the Indian Muslim rightly considers India his/her Ummah and will be the first to go for your throat if the situation arises. Do not doubt their commitment and patriotism.

    @rationalist – “Despite all the usual rants from Indians, the FACT remains that India is a weak artificial state which lacks economic, religious or social cohesion.”

    I think you are describing Pakistan.

    @rationalist – “India is too weak and disorganized even to look after its internal security situation let alone take on China, the world’s only real SUPERPOWER. ”

    What you are saying is correct. China is a powerful state, India is a soft state. China’s strength lies with the state. India’s strength lies with the people. Strong people in the long run make strong states.

    But the bigger question you need to ask is why would India need to take on China ? Those two countries have civilizational proximity (Hinduism/Buddhism/Confucianism) and can prosper together. Can not say the same about Islam/Buddhism, by any stretch of the imagination.Recommend

  • Rationalist
    Oct 13, 2010 - 2:39AM

    @ Mr. Ansari. I would beg to differ, despite your claims of Muslim integration, the converse is TRUE. In reality the around 200 million Muslims are widely discriminated against and remain at the bottom of the economic and social ladder. Every few years there are mass genocidal pograms against the Muslims, have you forgotten Gujrat and the on-going repression in Kashmir? Even the Iranian Press TV was expelled by Indian military for exposing the repression. Zionist advisors are playing a major role in the Kashmiri repression and teach the Indians the same tactics as used in occupied Palestine.

    Hindu chauvanism is a direct result of their inferiority complex and caste system. They were ruled ny very able Muslim rulers for the better part of India’s history. Even in terms on architectural accomplishments everything from the Taj Mahal to the Red Fort in Delhi can be attributed to Islamic rule, including religious tolerance thanks to Akbar.

    As a western based academic of Iranian background, I have travelled extensively through India and Pakistan both, and know their social and economic structure very well. I stand by any objective analysis about the inherent weakness in India’s state and social structure. It is a very small landmass with the world’s most dense illiterate population and very poor sanitary or even basic social services. I would also agree with your point that Pakistan has largely failed due to its corrupt ruling class, not the ordinary people. However, the level of civic society and public awareness in Pakistan is far superior to India. Even its military is far better organized, corruption and US influence not withstanding. India’s oppression of its large Muslim population (over 200 million by some estimates) will only create further problems in the future.

    India’s may gloat at Pakistan’s problems now, but will regret what is in store for itself as a tool of US neo-imperialism in the region and an insane military “counter-weight” to China. India’s ramshackle military that could not even produce a domestic Arjun (Arjunk) tank in 30 years is hardly a match for the superbly organized Chinese Superpower that controls over 40% of all global manufacturing and is running circles around the deadbeat US economy. I believe the US is taking India down the garden path too. However, despite all the evidence you may choose to remain delusional vis a vis India’s not so bright future.Recommend

  • Oct 13, 2010 - 3:05AM

    Everything here is clear enough that Musharraf is a big ACTOR and Lying as to prove his patriot for the country, to avoid any judiciary strict action. Also trying divert the attention. VERY CLEVER, But remember one thing you are going to face a sad of your life.Recommend

  • Oct 13, 2010 - 8:31AM

    What I think Pakistan currently lacks is a sensible education system that broadens the mind and lets other points of view prevail.
    In reading the responses on this forum by Pakistanis, I see a common thread of anger and disillusionment. It is as if the general population, even the ‘educated’ ones have no joy of living in them. Their own beliefs in their country are being shaken daily by events too obvious to enumerate here.
    On the other hand, traveling throughout India as I frequently do, I can sense a vibrancy in the people. Everyone is investing big time into education and schools are modernising at a dizzying rate. I am amazed to see the huge infrastructure development taking place everywhere simultaneosly. Our railways run, our roads are getting better and our technology is world class. Yes we have lots of issues we have mishandled – Kashmir for one and the tribals for another. But we believe our leaders will finally resolve these matters sooner or later. India is on a positive track and really, Indians and Pakistanis are not so different. I know one day will come when our two countries become friends. It may not happen soon but sooner or later, it must.Recommend

  • Sonam Shyam
    Oct 13, 2010 - 9:01AM

    The rants of Mr. Rationalist are getting shriller after every Indian rebuttal. I think, to understand Mr. Rationalist, we need to understand the whole Pakistani system and its functioning. Anti Indianism( read anti Hinduism), is the whole basis of Pakistan’s existence. This is precisely the reason why Pakistan negates its historical, cultural and ethnical links with its “Hindu Past”. Negating established facts would invariably require distortion of past history and constant propaganda in the present. Mr. Rationalist, therefore, is a product of that system which indulges is distorted propaganda. The Hindus, in Pakistani curriculum, are projected as wicked, untrustworthy and cowardly infidels. This friends, is not any Madarsa curriculum, rather this is taught in top public schools in Pakistan. No wonder then that this venomous curriculum produces men like madarsa educated terrorist Ajmal Kasab and public school educated, suave terrorist like Faisal Shehzad. The propaganda machinery also preaches that Muslims are a martial race and one Muslim is equal to, guess what! Five Hindus or perhaps even more. Little wonder again, that with this kind propagandist machismo, the Pakistani army repeatedly launched wars against Hindus, they just didn’t come out of their fanciful, day dreaming illusions. By the way, the toxic views of Mr. Rationalist remind me of former ISI chief, Hamid Gul, since Mr. Rationalist is quoting his views, chapter and verse.Recommend

  • Arijit Sharma
    Oct 14, 2010 - 4:28AM

    @Rationalist – The moment I see the these words – Gujarat, Kashmir, Hindu, Zionist in a piece of prose, I know I am interacting with a pan-Islamic, Zaid Hamid loving Pakistani.

    You wrote :- “As a western based academic of Iranian background … “

    Should it not be “As a WEST based academic of Iranian background … ” ? I doubt it if you are an academic or for that matter you are of an Iranian background. ( Your statement is a sure sign of an inferiority complex )

    Your point :- ” … Hindu chauvinism is a direct result of their inferiority complex and caste system. They were ruled ny very able Muslim rulers for the better part of India’s history … “

    How is Hindu chauvinism linked with an inferiority complex ? Hindus do not suffer from an inferiority complex – instead, amongst Hindus, there is universal acknowledgment of the fact that that we have in the past come under foreign rule ( Muslim and British ) because of OUR OWN FAILINGS. Hindu chauvinism stems from this realization.

    And, if you know your Freud, you will know that retrospection about ones failings and having the desire to overcome them do not equate to having an inferiority complex.

    Food for thought – do Muslims not suffer from a superiority complex ? Recommend

  • Anonymous
    Oct 15, 2010 - 12:37PM

    Mr. Rationalist turns out to be the most irrational of persons posting comments here. A fit case of a person having very narrow negative thinking of Indians, specially Hindus (without realising his forefathers are of the same genetic stock). He has made it a habit of bringing religion into every discussion whether its needed or not.Recommend

  • Umair Mallick
    Oct 15, 2010 - 4:01PM

    It is very sad to see how people manage to involve pity religious matters into politics. It is not a hidden fact that as a matter of fact it is the policies of the governments lead by corrupt politicians and establishment who play in the hands of foreign powers and manage to create and sustain conflicts, brain wash people and incite them against each other. People like here on this page keep themselves busy in exchanging negativism which eventually kills the harmony between people and certain elements manage to organise incidents like Mumbai attack, Lahore attack(s), London attack and many others in which only innocent people die.

    You guys sound educated, perhaps you should use your hindu and muslim teachings to bring, peace, harmony and love amongst each other. Both religions teach good things after all.Recommend

  • veerendra wasawade
    Oct 16, 2010 - 11:25AM

    Whether we have to keep saying all the time that India is supporting Baluch separatists and Pakistan encouraging Kashmir insurgency?We must also ask if India and Pakistan really achieved freedom in 1947?.Are we not loosing our independence to USA,Russia and China? The reason is not far to seek.Suspicion of one another and inability to talk frankly of our problems and come to a settlement.But more importantly Indian media represents Pakistan behind Kashmir and other problems.It never tells of Indian activities in other countries.Therefore ordinary Indians think India is very honest and sincere, and all the mistake lies with Pakistan.The case is not different in Pakistan.Pakistan media represents the country is very judicious but unjustly harassed by big neighbor.It never tells of direct or indirect involvement of Pakistani establishment in terrorism in India.Further Pakistan now sorely needs to settle all external problems to bring about peace and orderly govt internally.It seems that democratic govt in Pakistan represents wealthy class of society which considers its own welfare more important than any equitable distribution of national wealth among all the citizens of Pakistan.Hence army finds an excuse to take charge of the govt.How nice it would have been if some enlightened people were in charge Pakistani govt.Fortunately India had some people in govt who worked out land reforms to greater extent.In some pockets these reforms were not implemented properly.These pockets are now represented by naxal and maoist activity.But they do not pose serious dangers to Indian State.Moreover at present Indian govt consists of intelligent,well educated and open minded people and not business men.Recommend

  • Umair Mallick
    Oct 16, 2010 - 7:36PM

    I strongly agree with Veerendra…
    Time to clean up Pak government from illiterates and closed minded people who are without any vision or intellect… Incapable of making consistent policies or implementing them.Recommend

  • Appreciate our humanity
    Oct 19, 2010 - 11:57AM

    I won’t be surprised one bit if that is indeed the case. Recommend

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