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The Tribune vows to contribute its share by spreading liberal ideas and mobilising the young people of Pakistan.

Editorial April 13, 2011

The Express Tribune is making its appearance at a time when our media is enjoying a fair degree of freedom, our judiciary is effectively asserting its independence and our parliament has at last attained statutory sovereignty. And there is a new hope in the air. A hope for a better tomorrow, for a better Pakistan and a better life for all of us. But that is only half the story. The other half tells the harrowing tale of a mindset – a mindset of a miniscule minority imbibed with hatred, violence and extremism and an economy fast hurtling down helped by massive power shortages and a severe resource crunch.

The Tribune vows to contribute its share in fighting the twin menace of extremism and economic decline by spreading liberal ideas and mobilising the young people of Pakistan who make up over 70 per cent of its population. We promise to keep a close watch on education and health – we want education for all and of such quality that those who partake of it actually learn and become educated in the true sense of the word. We also want reliable and affordable healthcare for all Pakistanis and that they be treated in a kind manner and with compassion. These two themes will be at the top of our agenda.

Our newspaper caters to the modern face of Pakistan – to the country’s educated forward-thinking and thoughtful decision-makers, who demand intelligent, independent, and well-presented reportage with commentary on topics ranging from politics to the economy, foreign policy to investment, sports to culture and theatre and the arts.

We pledge to offer a stimulating visual experience with particular emphasis on an appealing design and with stories that come alive on the paper. We will have groundbreaking layouts created by an international award-winning designers along with colourful spreads in the sports and entertainment sections. We will present the real picture of the economy with graphs, tables and illustrations. Our editorial pages will be lively and vibrant, and you can expect to read a wide variety of analysis and insight from a diverse array of opinion-makers and commentators.

We hope in particular to appeal to the young people of Pakistan, to serve their aspirations and their hopes. To join them in their struggle to find a place in the sun. To talk to them, talk of them and to talk about them. To identify their potential, exploit it and give it the full play on our pages. To enter into a continuous dialogue with them and debate with them their issues, their problems and what they want to achieve in their life.  We vow to enable a creative connect with this segment of our population. To inform them, educate them, entertain them and develop two-way traffic so as to become a part of their lives.

The Express Tribune is a fresh concept in Pakistan’s print media. It proposes to break new ground in presenting socially responsible news and views. It promises to strive for the truth and nothing but the truth. It is a newspaper with an eye for what is beyond the headlines and behind the spin. The Express Tribune has a mission – a mission to promote liberal ideals, committed to defending democratic traditions and dedicated to work for the rule of law. We have on our staff the best of the best of Pakistan’s media world. The team is dedicated to the causes of today: poverty, intolerance, terrorism and bigotry. It is the first Pakistani newspaper with a global reach.

The Express Tribune offers you a global menu of news and views, along with in-depth coverage of what is happening in and around Pakistan. All that, and you will also get a pull out of the prestigious International Herald Tribune’s daily edition. This fresh concept in Pakistan’s newspaper journalism crowns the full bill of fare of Century Publications’ highly successful media vehicles – the Urdu Express newspaper, Urdu Express TV Channel and the English 24/7 Express Channel.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 12th, 2010.


Muhammad Sadiq | 9 years ago | Reply Congratulations to all team members. I request to improve the quality of newspaper. Best Wishes to all of u.
Zahid Hussain Khalid | 10 years ago | Reply The aims are laudable. The performance does not match the aims. It is understandable. The Tribune is just an INFANT and obviously deserves appreciation for whatever it has done so far. What I must share with editorial team is my observation that the term liberal is misrepresented by this newspaper's extremely narrow-minded contributors who are evidently more Westernized than the Westerns themselves, always ready to compromise on "GHAIRAT," "INTEGRITY" and "HONESTY" for "DOLLARS" from anywhere in the world. They leave no stone unturned to ridicule religion and religious groups without looking into their own GRAIBANS. There is nothing wrong in being Western to the extent that any good intention and action on their part must be appreciated without ridiculing ourselves. The contributors most of the time under rate and ridicule Pakistan, Pakistanis, Islam and Muslims to the extent of AN INSULT. This is something that hurts only because the Editors misjudge the intentions of the contributors and fail in maintaining an "EDITORIAL BALANCE."
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