Government seems unable to form counter-terrorism policy: Imran

"PTI formulating a strategy to protest continued participation of Pakistan in the War on Terror."

Web Desk August 11, 2013
PTI Chairman Imran Khan. PHOTO: FILE

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Sunday that the government seems unable to formulate a viable and holistic counter-terrorism policy.

He said that talks about the All Parties' Conference are meaningless until the government has a counter-terrorism policy to present.

He said that a comprehensive policy was needed that could identify the different types of terrorism impacting Pakistan and the measures needed to counter it, aside from security.

The PTI Chairman said that the ill-trained and ill-equipped police forces were suffering the most in the absence of a holistic policy towards terrorism.

Offering suggestions of his own, Imran said that Pakistan needed to separate itself from the US War on Terror, as it allowed the militants to misuse the narrative of Jihad against Pakistani security forces.

He also said that since the illegality and negative impact of drone attacks has been established, such attacks needed to be brought to an end.

Imran said that Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa could not bear the cost of having no counter-terrorism policy any longer.

PTI is formulating a strategy to protest the continued participation of Pakistan in the War on Terror, he said.

"We will announce our line of action as soon as the by-elections end," said the PTI Chairman.


Hamid Siddiqui | 10 years ago | Reply

He is absolutely right in advising Pakistan must separate it self from American so called WAR ON TERROR, immediately if we are serious in rooting out the terrorists from our country. Imran Khan must put the same in APC, and I hope most of the people in that conference will agree with him. It will expedite the issue by having government moire under pressure.

True Karachiwala | 10 years ago | Reply

@Jat: The more he opens his mouth, the more stupid he sounds ! Great single liner ! you should be here more frequently.

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