Zindagi: Life in the slums

An underprivileged community lives in deplorable conditions in the slums near the Ravi River in Lahore.

Web Desk August 07, 2013
Children in a slum near The River Ravi, Lahore.

LAHORE: Living amidst filth, deprived of the basic amenities of life, facing a new challenge each day – this documentary features an underprivileged community living in deplorable conditions in the slums near the Ravi River in Lahore.

Pakistan, home to the sixth largest population in the world, where the majority of the country’s poor either live in rural areas or in urban slums.

In Pakistan, as in many other countries, environmental degradation is both a cause and consequence of poverty.

Despite the deplorable conditions, the children of the area learn to read and write under small cloth tents and find recreation in mud, bricks and dirty water.

The video takes a happy twist at the end, showing children jumping on a trampoline and swimming in the river, followed by a caption:

“The poor live in slums without access to education, health care and clean drinking water BUT... Life goes on...”

Producer and director: M Nasir Ali Mazari.

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