DI Khan jail break: Rana Sanaullah calls for Khattak's resignation

PML-N leader says Imran Khan should tell the people of Pakistan who is responsible for the attack.

Web Desk July 31, 2013
Rana Sanaullah Khan PHOTO: PPI/FILE

LAHORE: In the aftermath of the DI Khan jail break, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Rana Sanaullah called for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak’s resignation on Wednesday.

Sanaullah was speaking to media in Lahore.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan insurgents armed with mortars and grenades launched a major attack on the Central Prison in Dera Ismail Khan late on July 29. Twelve policemen were killed in the attack, while at least 248 prisoners escaped.

Criticising the failure of concerned authorities in this prison break, Sanaullah said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan should tell the people of Pakistan who is responsible for the attack and how will the provincial government compensate the damages.

Slamming K-P CM for making austerity claims yet taking advantage of all the official facilities, the PML-N leader said Khattak should avoid making such tall, empty claims and focus on his work.

He added that the jail break has caused disappointment to the people.

CM Khattak had earlier claimed that no prior intelligence regarding this incident was shared with the provincial government. However, a senior intelligence official said that they wrote to the National Crisis Management Cell (NCMC), Ministry of Interior on July 27 about the threat of an attack on DI Khan jail by militants.


A Pakistani | 10 years ago | Reply

I don't know why PTI trolls are making irrelevant comments. This is exactly the same demand that Lifetime Chairman PTI Taliban Khan was making from the then government on account of jail break in Bannu in 2012.. After the Bannu jail attack last year (16th April 2012) this is what Imran Khan tweeted: . [April 16, 2012 at 6:37am · ImranKhanPTI: Bannu jail incident again shows total collapse of ANP governance & with it law and order in KP]. The Taliban-worshipped trolls are suffering from complete memory lapse!

Basharatullah | 10 years ago | Reply

My suggestions: Stop Blaming each other. Reduce the number of incoming routes by allowing inlets into each city by 10 %. Ensure each vehicle is checked especially through the sniffing Dogs. Import Dogs at what ever cost. Make use of cc tv Cameras extensively and monitor the images strictly. Have alert force to counter any fishy movement noticed through Cameras or reported directly. Establish SOP's for action in every possible eventuality. Encircle each Jail with, say two companies, stationed in an undisclosed location in the vicinity of Jails. 25% ready with complete kit, and vehicles. Rest of the force to be operative in 5 minutes. This is a practice in professional armies. Equip each Jail with tools to counter the most sophisticated and heavy weapons. Taliban have many shades, all criminals also call themselves as Taliban. Any body attacking Pakistani interest is the enemy, do not confuse their identity. Media must use word Shaheed for the Policemen sacrificing life in the line of duty. Words like "Halak ho gae" means that we are not sure of the righteousness of our objective. Do not feel shy to point out the providers of money and support of weapons to the insurgents. Insurgency is possible only in connivance of internal enemies but surely with outside support. Blaming outsiders is not the Blame game, but what Sanaullah is doing. Do not keep the insurgents in the jail for long. Try them, and execute the penalty. Keeping high profile insurgents in jail invites the attacks. Ensure trial in minimum time without compromising on due course of justice, but execute punishment say in a week time. Taliban are quick in delivering justice, whatever they feel is the justice. Govt. should follow them at least in one way. Govt. should know that any war is more a Psychological war than physical, win psychologically, physical victory will follow.

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