Veena Malik prays for Indo-Pak friendship

The actor went to a shrine and also prayed for her family and friends.

News Desk July 29, 2013
Veena first revealed her religious side to the world through her television show Astaghfaar last year. PHOTO: FILE

Actor Veena Malik recently visited the shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin in New Delhi to pray for peace and success. According to a Times of India report, the starlet prayed for the friendship between India and Pakistan to flourish, and also for her upcoming film Supermodel to fare well.

At the shrine, Veena was seen offering her prayers and breaking her fast along with administrative members of the shrine. She looked graceful in a black anarkali with gold trimmings, and had the right amount of make-up on, as compared to other public appearances where she is seen with an overdose of foundation.

“It feels very much like Ramazan (in India),” Veena told The Express Tribune via telephone. “There is a big Indian Muslim population. I usually have iftar with my colleagues.”

After being received by the shrine’s manager Afsar Ali Nizami, Veena walked barefoot into the mosque and made herself comfortable on the floor where an iftari spread was laid out. Later, with flowers in her hand and a dupatta on her head, Veena offered prayers at the shrine. “I am a very religious person and it is a pleasure for me to break my roza at Hazrat Nizamuddin’s dargah in the holy month of Ramazan,” she said.

As the crowds swelled with her arrival, administrative officials moved Veena to the office inside the shrine. Talking about her experience, Veena said, “I earned solace and peace. I have a spiritual and religious side to me. In Pakistan, I used to go to Data Darbar, Bibi Pak Daman and Kolhra Shareef — it’s where I find complete solace.”

She also talked about her Ramazan experience in India. “In Pakistan, you feel it in the air… nobody eats on the street. In India, you experience it otherwise, but there is respect for other religions.”

On the occasion, the starlet also shared that she had prayed for her family. “I have a strong bond with my family, close friends and career,” she said, adding that she had prayed for the health and happiness of her father Malik Muhammad Ali Aslam, mother, sisters and her friend Sheikh Umar Farooq.

Last week, Veena had posted on Twitter, “I will go to Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia (R.A) sahib tomorrow...InshaAllah will pray for all my followers and fans....May God bless us all!!!”

After offering prayers at the Dargah, she posted images on Twitter and wrote: “Blessedness...supreme happiness!!! Thank you God for blessing me with everything I have desired in life....I am blessed!!”

Veena is currently awaiting the release of her film Silk, and is also simultaneously promoting her upcoming film Supermodel which has been shot in the Fiji islands. Veena plays a poor girl who shoots to stardom in the movie.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 30th, 2013.

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