Taliban kill eight Afghan workers en route to US base: Officials

It was the deadliest attack since Afghanistan started observing Ramazan.

Afp July 18, 2013
Soldiers patrolling in the Logar province, Afghanistan.PHOTO:AFP

PULI ALAM: Taliban gunmen on Thursday shot dead eight Afghan civilians on their way to jobs at a US military base south of Kabul, officials said.

"Eight Afghan workers who were working in Camp Shank were killed this morning by Taliban," said the deputy police chief in Logar province, Rais Khan Sadeq.

It was the deadliest attack since Afghanistan started observing Ramazan.

"They were forced out of their car and taken about 200 metres off road to a nearby village, and shot in the head one by one," he told AFP.

Their bodies were found with their eyes blindfolded, the police official said, describing them as "ordinary civilian workers" on the base.

US and Nato military bases across Afghanistan hire local staff to work on construction projects and as cleaners.

Din Mohammad Darvish, the Logar administration spokesman, confirmed the incident and said the bodies of the victims were recovered in the village.

"They were poor and ordinary workers, all civilians," he said.

Afghan officials blamed the attack on the Taliban. Logar is a stronghold for the militants waging a 12-year insurgency against the Western-backed government after being toppled in a 2001 US-led invasion.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but the Taliban have vowed to increase their attacks during Ramadan. The insurgents have stepped up attacks on Afghan forces since they took responsibility for national security last month.

In the north, police said Taliban attacked a police post near the city of Kunduz, killing two officers and wounding two others -the only four on duty at the time.

Around 100,000 US-led Nato troops in Afghanistan are preparing to withdraw from the country by the end of next year, after key presidential polls scheduled for April.


US Centcom | 9 years ago | Reply

We send our sincerest heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families. We hope that they will find the strength to deal with this tragedy. We wish to see the culprits caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the insurgents have targeted innocent civilians in their bid to spread fear and panic. The timing (Month of Ramadan) of this crime only depicts terrorists’ evil barbaric mentality. To say the least, they continue to lay challenges in our way, but we continue to move ahead with our peace objectives. We are not letting these acts of terror break our shared will and desire to restore peace in the region. We also have full confidence in the ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces) ability to counter the threat posed by the insurgents. We will continue to work closely with the Afghan government, and remain optimistic about the future of Afghanistan.

Ali Khan DET, United States Central Command

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