British foreign secretary promises support to Pakistan

Hague applauds first ever democratic transition of power in Pakistan, promises to maintain relation with Pakistan.

Web Desk July 17, 2013
Sartaj Aziz (R), Pakistan's adviser for National Security and Foreign Affairs, shakes hands with British Foreign Secretary William Hague at the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad on July 17, 2013. PHOTO: AFP

ISLAMABAD: British Foreign Secretary William Hague said that Britain will support Pakistan in solving the problem the country is facing at the moment.

Addressing a joint press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday, Hague said that Pakistan has made considerable sacrifices in its war against terrorism and continues to struggle.

Hague offered to assist Pakistan in developing a counter-terrorism strategy.

He further applauded the first ever democratic transition of power in Pakistan and said that Britain will try to maintain the relationship with Pakistan.

British Foreign Secretary said that his country would continue to support Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his ambitious plan of creating jobs, enhancing economic growth and alleviating poverty in Pakistan.

On the topic of police investigations into a money laundering case related to the MQM, Hague said that the matter relates to the police who are looking into it.

Talking about trade and investment between the two countries, National Security and Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz said, “The government is taking concrete steps to enhance trade and investment opportunities among both the countries”.

He said that Pakistan is grateful for Britain’s support in the European Union and hoped that the nation will continue to extend their support to Pakistan in other areas as well.

Aziz said that trade between Pakistan and UK amounted to $3 billion and he saw it increasing to $5 billion in the times to come.

He said that Pakistan wants inclusion in GSP Plus and a greater access to EU market and stressed that UK's support in the matter was appreciated.

“In coming years, we hope, we will have enhanced strategic dialogue to deal with security, economic and political issues,” Aziz said.

He added that while the government was looking into reports of some Taliban members moving to Syria, he reiterated that the government had nothing to do with movement of Taliban personnel.

Aziz said that he will be visiting Kabul on Saturday.


basharat mughal | 9 years ago | Reply

Both Britain and the USA are countries that spy on their friends and allies. They are the world experts in the field of espionage and double standards. We can never know for sure what exactly was the purpose of his visit to Pakistan. Maybe he could help Pakistan in techniques on how to debug Pakistani embassies in Europe and elsewhere. His concern for Malala's safety if she returns back to Pakistan was very touching indeed,but showed no such concern for the innocent childern being killed by the drone strikes. How many Malalas have lost their lives? HE should be more concerned about the safety of his own citizens in his own country where British Muslims live in fear of their lives where pensioners are being stabbed to death and mosques being vandalised..... What can he teach us about tolerance? He needs to put his own house in order before playing the "concerned friend".

syed baqar ahsan | 9 years ago | Reply

While in Kabul Aziz Bhai watch Pakistan interest for a change not of USA/UK/NATO because you have been watching their interest at our cost.

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