Parenting Guide: 5 fun activities to do with your child

Remember that your involvement is crucial as it will encourage your child to participate too!

July 03, 2013
Remember that your involvement is crucial as it will encourage your child to participate too!

Has it been long since the last time you bonded with your child over a fun and exciting family game? Do you simply want to get your family up and about or at least indulge your children in educational or physical activities that will boost their growth and development?

Here are Ms T’s suggestions for some fun things to do that will not only help the kids but you grant you some much-needed time to unwind as well. Remember that your involvement is crucial as it will encourage your child to participate too!  

1.  Hit the playground:

This is perhaps the best way to give your children a great work out! Most of them can’t help but flex their muscles on the various swings, slides, jungle gyms and monkey bars out there and the climbing and hanging is great for their arms!  Invite another family for a play date and you can get your own daily dose of socializing as well! And if you are avoiding the parks due to security reasons, get a small swing set installed at your home. Trust us, it will do wonders for your child’s growth!

2.  Host a Wii party:

The wide variety of games available on Wii is a prayer answered for mothers reluctant to take their children out to the local parks. They won’t be no swings but you can play a range of sporting or dancing games on this game box, granting you and your child both fun and exercise. Invite some of the neighbourhood kids over and host a mini tennis tournament. If you don’t own a Wii, then make it a plain and simple dance party! All you need is some jammin’ music. For extra incentive, dress the children up with scarves, hats and props and they are sure to have a ball of a time! Both options work indoors and without any time constraints and are perfect for the working mom.

3.  Cook:

While allowing a child near the stove is definitely a safety hazard, cooking together can prove very beneficial for children, especially if they are picky eaters! Of course we are not asking you to cook anything extravagant. Just indulge in some Betty Crocker cake mixes as they are quick and easy to make and always taste great. Bring in some sprinkles and other cake decorations and let your child’s creativity flourish. Make the process as fun as you can; cooking the food will encourage the kids to eat it without throwing their usual meal-time tantrum which will ultimately save you from a lot of stress.

4.  Painting and arts:

What better way to enhance your child’s imagination and creative skills than handing them a palette of watercolours and let them draw as they please! Warning though: painting can prove to be a tad messy but we assure you that it will be one to keep you and your child preoccupied and perhaps, your child will grow up to be a great artist someday! Remember it is always great to give your child a hobby from a young age.

5. Teach garden games:

Recruit a few of your child’s friends and make them participate in a game of Twister or Hullabaloo which will allow them to stretch and build their muscles whilst having great fun as well! Laughter guaranteed!

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, June 30th, 2013.

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Carol | 9 years ago | Reply

These are some really great ideas! I love the idea of using video games as an opportunity to get kids active indoors such as on rainy days rather than sitting around watching TV all day. If I may add, these are some other great activities for kids that can also encourage learning and development

Racheal Tighe | 9 years ago | Reply

Thanks for a great post.

Kids just love it when their parents join in with play time. Play time with kids is also a fantastic opportunity to teach children new skills, concepts and ideas.

While you are on the playground you could discuss the different things that you can see and hear. You could turn cooking into a maths lesson on measurement and quantities or learn to draw letter shapes while painting.

Happy learning :)

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