NWFP name change controversy thickens

Express April 12, 2010

ABOTTABAD: The ANP and the PML-N have blamed the PML-Q for the unrest in Abbottabad. Talking to Express, ANP MNA Bushra Gihar said the PML-Q should show act in a responsible manner.

She said the Chief Minsiter of NWFP is holding negotiations with the representatives of the Hazra division to allay their concerns.

Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, central secretary general of the PML-N, said the PML-Q is aggravating unrest in Abbottabad.PML-Q's Marvi Memon countered those allegations, and said her

party is opposed to the renaming of NWFP as the new name has not been unanimously approved.