‘Trekkies’ board the Enterprise for journey into darkness

The premiere was well-received as several people were impressed by the acting.

Audience ready for the show to begin at the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness held at Cinepax on Thursday. PHOTO: ATHAR KHAN/EXPRESS

KARACHI: A great turnout was witnessed at Cinepax on Thursday for the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, the latest in the series of one of the most watched and loved science fiction film series. 

The explosive action thriller, directed by JJ Abrams, is a sequel to Star Trek released in 2009. The Star Trek, created in 1966, was a regular feature on the small screen until it was made into a film in 1979.

The excitement in the air could be easily felt as people from all age groups lined up for their favourite movie to start.

“I cannot wait to watch the film,” said Iman, barely able to contain her excitement. “I have seen all the parts and even know all about the ones released in my mother’s time.”

Talking to The Express Tribune, comedian Danish Ali said that he was a huge Star Trek fan. “I expect it to be as good as the previous films,” he said, refusing to be drawn in any discussion on the much talked about alternate universe in the film.

It was not just the hardcore franchise fans that came for the premiere as several had turned up because of its preceding popularity and the movie’s appealing trailer.

“I haven’t seen any of the previous films,” said Sheheryar. “I came here because the trailer was just amazing.”

The movie was well received as several people had good things to say about Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock.

Hassan Ahmed Ansari, an avid Start Trek follower, was impressed by the new edition. “The way they created an alternate universe was really admirable,” he said. “There haven’t been many examples of successful tweaking of the original story of late other than Christopher Nolan’s Batman series but this [Star Trek Into Darkness] is surely one of them.” The organiser of the premiere, Shazya Aamir of Radio 1, said that she wasn’t able to watch the movie because of her busy schedule and wouldn’t mind if someone leaked the storyline to her.

The film had just the right mix of suspense, drama, action and comedy that one has come to expect from the Star Trek film series.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 15th, 2013.


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