Accept my challenge Nawaz Sharif: Imran Khan

Imran Khan challenges Nawaz Sharif to a debate on any TV channel.

Kulsoom Inam April 23, 2013
PTI Chief Imran Khan while addressing a rally in Sahiwal. PHOTO: EXPRESS

SAHIWAL: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan challenged the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) to a debate on any TV channel, during his rally in Sahiwal, on Tuesday.

While addressing the rally, he said, “Accept my challenge Nawaz Sharif. Let’s have a debate on any TV channel. This debate is very important to bring the truth to light.”

The cricketer-turned-politician also said that PML-N “batted five times, however they will not get a sixth chance”.

“Whoever wants to succeed, succeeds in the first try,” Khan said.

Recalling his time as captain of the Pakistan national cricket team, he said that while he was the captain, no one could defeat him. “No one defeated me for ten years. I left the captaincy myself.”

He promised the supporters that if he came to power, one day will come when people living abroad will come to Pakistan in search of employment, such will be the development in Pakistan.

Earlier, on Monday night, Rehman Malik had also invited Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif to a live debate on topics such as money laundering, morality and article 62 and 63.


faizan ali | 7 years ago | Reply

Nawaz shareef already gave us a gift PPP and now he want to do those which PPP had done in past five year i think best option is PTI vote for PTI or We need best leader who protect us love us and will give us facilities which we realy need. . . . . .

regards faizan ali

M. Iqbal Tabassam | 7 years ago | Reply

Not debating with Imran on tv is a week point of Mr. Shareef. Its good that people have known what is the weakness of their leader. No doubt, Imran should go to the policies but tell me how a leader with this weakness can implement his policies and lead the nation. If he has no courage to speak in front of his competitor do you think he would survive the country. Does this deficiency suit to a leader. A good leader is always a role model for all like Mr. Jinnah. He should be brave, clear from his thoughts, neat and clean, should have courage to convince people. Unfortunately Mr. Shareef does not have such qualities. Imran did a right thing. He saw weakness of his competitor and striked. This is what he should do to dominate him and his party. Field is open for Mr. Shareef also. He can also see any week point in Imran and challenge him. If Imran does not accept the challenge he will not be a leader. Thanks to media which bring the real face of their leaders. People at lease can select their leaders after watching their good and bad qualities. As for as policies are concerned every one can make an ideal policy on the paper. The actual thing is implementation of the policies. It seems that Imran can get his policies implemented because he is bringing new blood in parliament. The young people have good energy and motivation in implementing the policies as compare to the old status quo politicians. We can see Imran's career. He has gets to implement his policies. Shaukat Khanum and NUML University are the examples. I request everyone that this man is different in all. He has some qualities like Quaid-e-Azam and is a last hope of survival of your country. Give your vote honestly. Give it to the person who deserve for it. Love you all Pakistani nation.

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